Taguig City P70,000 Cantonese, Mandarin BENEFITS: BENEFITS (员工福利): 膳食津贴 (Meal Allowance) 提供班车服务 (Transportation Allowance) 管理 津贴 (Management Allowance) 奖 (Incentives and Bonuses) *Urgent opening Start ASAP *Dayshift *Open for Fresh Graduates JOB DETAILS: 公司簡介 (COMPANY PROFILE:) 其中一个最新的高端健康水疗中心为客户和客户提供一流的健康服务。 (One of the newest high-end wellness spa offers great wellness services to clients and customers) Responsibilities: Ensure the daily functioning of a department or group of employees. Supervising, Training and leading the staff Responsible in overseeing facility maintenance Monitoring the sales of the store and the task of the employees Dealing with customer queries and complaints Manager of Spa oversee the beauty , health and wellness Creating budgets for Spa operations They also Manage the schedule 作职责: 通过聊天软件或电子邮件回答查询 提供定期项目状态更新 负责所有员工的现场管理和绩效 Spa经理负责监督美容,健康和保健 Job Description: Coordinating activities, resources, equipment and information Maintaining comprehensive project documentation, reports and plans Monitor systems and handle any issues that arise Help prepare project proposals, timeframes, schedules 工作职责: 协调活动,资源,设备和信息 维护全面的项目文档,报告和计划 监控系统并处理出现的任何问题 帮助准备项目提案,时间表,时间表 Recruitment Process: Initial interview HR Interview Client Interview Job Offer Visit our website for more Mandarin job openings http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com/search?la=&l=&q=mandarin 访问我们的网站,了解更多普通话职位 Free Bilingual Career Consultation~ 免费双语职业咨询〜 Refer your friends to get referral bonus~ 推荐你的朋友可以获得推荐奖金〜 APPLY NOW! Contact us 现在申请!联系我们 Mobile numbers: 09456035887 | 245 2829 手机号码:09456035887 | 245 2829 Email us: mandarinjobs@jp-network-e.com 电子邮件:mandarinjobs@jp-network-e.com Skype: live:mandarinjobs 直播:live:mandarinjobs WeChat: J-KMandarinCantonese 微信:J-KMandarinCantonese Website: http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com 网站:http://jkmanpower.jp-network-e.com Contact Person: Ms. Thea y联系人:Thea Other Available Job Openings: 其他可用职位空缺: Position 1: Mandarin Digital Librarian 职位1:普通话数字图书馆员 Industry: Pharmaceutical Company 行业:制药公司 Location: Alabang, Muntinlupa City Salary: P 120,000 – 150,000 Schedule: Dayshift Position 2: Mandarin Transcriptionist 位置2:普通话转录 Industry: Contact Center 行业:联络中心 Salary: P 60,000 – 90,000 Location: Mandaluyong Schedule: Shifting Position 3: Cantonese Sr. Data Verification Officer 职位3:粤语高级数据核实官 Industry: Health Care Company 所属行业:医疗保健公司 Salary: P75,000 Location: BGC, Taguig Schedule: Dayshift

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