JOB OVERVIEW Hello there, I am looking to hire a number of freelance Photoshop graphic designers and photo re-touching experts for fun, ongoing work. You will be required to create human ‘Renaissance Style’ portraits from selfies we provide you, like on this website here: We will provide you with multiple templates of costumes, and you will be required to blend the person’s head on to the body, just like the examples shown on the website I linked above. We have a step by step tutorial video for you, which you will need to watch (it’s around 20-30 mins in total). You will be paid per completed design. To apply for this role, please complete a full trial submission form, here: Please note only 1 submission is allowed. You will be given an immediate start if hired, and will be assigned a Team Manager who will provide ongoing support, training and feedback if you are hired. We are looking for 20 new hires, so there are lots of positions available for talented designers. Why should you apply for this? – We are the owners of the world’s largest pet renaissance brand, and we are now moving over to humans too – We look after our staff and provide fantastic pay – Many of our current artists have bought new furniture for their families, new clothes for loved ones, and are enjoying a wonderful lifestyle working from home earning more money than they were before – Several artists who joined us part time at first, have quit their other jobs to start working with us full time because they love it so much, and earn so much more money – During the holiday period (Oct, Nov, Dec) we have so much work for people it is incredible Thank you SUBMIT YOUR TRIAL TODAY: SKILL SUMMARY Graphics & Multimedia Photoshop Graphics Editing

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