Our team is looking for an Amazon Account Manager. Successful candidate's daily responsibilities include keeping items in stock, keep customers happy, make some research, and occasionally work with suppliers.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Customer Service Handling
  • Customer service – replying to messages, answering phone calls and answering Amazon answers questions.
  • Reviews and feedbacks – Handle and monitor negative reviews.
  • Manage customer orders.
  • Amazon account management
  • Handling all day to day accounts issues
  • Handling amazon support cases.
  • Manage Inventory – Create and receive PO, Create Inbound shipping, Getting shipping quotes, administration work with suppliers, administration, manage warehouses inventory system.
  • Opening cases with seller support and arguing your case be that whatever it may.
  • Data entry in case of need
  • Ad hoc research and miscellaneous tasks.


  1. 3 years of experience as an Amazon VA / Account Manager / administrator
  2. Exceptional administrative skills
  3. Keen attention to details
  4. Outstanding written English skills

Good to have:

  1. Fluent, confident spoken English.
  2. A lot of experience doing different things on Amazon – handling orders, removing reviews, creating shipping plans, reconciliation of shipments, etc.
  3. Experience creating listings for Amazon, or even Walmart and Ebay.

Team Member Desired Qualities:

More important than abilities – those are the personal qualities that we are looking for in our team members:

  1. Self Starter & able to perform in a fast pace environment: Can learn alone, effectively, and accurately, given information from the internet or other places.
  2. Open, honest and direct about his needs, knowledge, abilities, availability and interests.
  3. Loyal and caring for his workspace and team members.
  4. Smart, Capable and adjusting to a changing environment.
  5. Serious. Wants to be taken seriously and contribute significantly to his workplace.
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