JOB OVERVIEW Welcome to GiftCash! We are looking for an individual highly skilled in Amazon SEO and listing optimization to work with us on improving our Amazon Listings. We are hiring immediately, so please submit your applications through the website! You will be doing: 1. Creating new optimized Amazon listings 2. Optimizing and updating our current Amazon listings 3. Modifying and updating images 4. Recording all of the listings you have created and updated in our system 5. Improving and optimizing our keywords on both the front end and back end of our listings What we require in our team members: 1. A fast and reliable Internet connection. You can test the speed by running a simple test at 2. Computer: You can use a desktop or Laptop without problems. 3. Available for at least 9 hours per day Eastern Time Monday-Friday from 9 am – 6 pm weekdays and when needed outside these times. 4. Possess excellent English speaking and writing skills. 5. Experience with creating and updating Amazon listings using Amazon Seller Central 6. Experience with optimizing all aspects of an Amazon Listing 7. Familiarity with photo editing software for modification of provided photos to meet Amazon standards. 8. Familiarity with basic HTML tag use for creation of Amazon listing descriptions 9. Strong familiarity with optimal usage of the MerchantWords platform How to apply: Respond to this posting with a cover letter that includes the following: 1. A screenshot of your internet speed. 2. A screenshot of your computer specs. 3. A copy of your resume. Your applications will be read and if you are selected to move to the second stage of the interview process we will contact you and give you a small test. About the job: Hourly starts at $3 an hour but may go up depending on experience, holiday bonuses, and sick days, because of our industry we need someone available to work occasional holidays. Potential to make excellent pay as we scale we are very generous to our loyal team; you must be self-motivated to achieve this level or beyond. Skills required: English – Speaking – Excellent Writing Amazon – Listing Creation – Amazon SEO – Image Replacement – Keyword Optimization – Description HTML Writing General Job Requirements: – Everyone is welcome to apply! (fresh graduates, still in school, moms) – Fluent in English with excellent grammar. – You have a stable and quick internet connection. – You have an up to date computer that operates well. – You have the ability to quickly and accurately enter information into custom systems. SKILL SUMMARY English Writing Marketing & Sales SEO

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