JOB OVERVIEW “Here @RetailYouUP we have a great team and are looking for productive newcomers! Newcomers shall value a long lasting committed career here; who cherishes collaboration and achieving hyper-growth milestones while sustaining fundamentals. Our awesome team perks & benefits include: -Paid (Holiday) Leaves -13th month Bi-Annual Bonus -Team-Based Bonuses -Performance-Based Increases & Bonuses -Referral Bonuses Candidates shall be competent in: -Utilizing modern day digital tools such as Slack, ClickUP, Airtables, Dropbox, Notion. -Optimize Product Listings via intensive Keyword Research (via Helium 10 & Seller.Tools). Continuously improve each product listing in our Catalog by meticulously evaluating each Keyword and and giving executive team an assessment on how to achieve desired results for each Keyword (using Seller.Tools). -Garner mastery and understanding in Discovering Keywords, Exact and Broad Phrase Search Volume, Competitor Research, Giveaway totals needed to get on the first page, Relevant Keywords + High Search Volume (have common sense to identify irrelevant keywords for the product), Keywords for organic and sponsored results, capturing long tail keywords, identifying key opportunity in low competition tagged along with high search volume. -Obtain deep, authoritative knowledge on each Product in our Catalog (such as why a health product works to a molecular level to the comprehension of patents and how to use the product). -Utilize Keyword Manager (from Seller.Tools) and fully and identify keyword ranking opportunity and put it all together in a data-driven effective fashion through TSI+, R2A, Last Search, Cerebro, Scribbles and Magnet among others. -Report to the executive team monthly on Keyword Research for each product in our Catalog with assessment and recommendation + Plan of Action given at a high level. +Growth mindset with hunger to constantly learn and improve your craft. Self Learning & Training on The Wholesale Formula, Sourcing Warriors Elite, Seller Tradecraft, and/or PPC AMS Accelerator training already under your belt. Apply using the form below: Not for you? Please view all of our jobs available:” SKILL SUMMARY Marketing & Sales SEO Mobile Marketing Facebook Marketing

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