JOB OVERVIEW Greetings applicants! Our group is currently in need of additional VA that will help us in our business. IF YOU ARE EXCITED TO JOIN OUR TEAM PLEASE READ FROM TOP TILL END OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION. This is a short and simple instruction, better to read it carefully and follow the instruction for you to be included in one of the qualified applicants. The first stage is to identify if you can follow simple instructions that will qualify you to the next level. Once you passed the first stage we will provide you a video that you will watch to enhance your skills. Qualification process: 1. Think of unique products that can be seen in any online store in the US. 2. In 2-3 sentences explain why you pick the product and store. We will test your level how can you can do the task that will be assigned to you (Please NO LINK of the store just the name of the store, product, and asin if any) 3. All qualified applicants will receive an email for the next instruction. We will wait for you! SKILL SUMMARY Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Research Marketing & Sales SEO Advertising Amazon Product Ads

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