JOB OVERVIEW Here @RetailYouUP we have a great team and are looking for productive newcomers! Newcomers shall value a long lasting committed career here; who cherishes collaboration and achieving hyper-growth milestones while sustaining fundamentals. Our awesome team perks & benefits include: -Paid (Holiday) Leaves -13th month Bi-Annual Bonus -Team-Based Bonuses -Performance-Based Increases & Bonuses -Referral Bonuses Candidates shall be competent in: -Utilizing modern day digital tools such as Slack, ClickUP, Airtables, Dropbox, Notion. -Generate Sales Lead via Product Research (Leaf Sourcing) and outreach to companies and obtain price catalogs, line of communication, and closing identified opportunities-Receive Pricing Catalogs (via AMZ Analyzer) and develop & execute favorable sales strategies. Lead Generation must be thorough and complete. -Effectively communicate strategic sourcing/procurement values and responsibilities, and proactively anticipate and service the needs of the business (done via Alibaba and Matchory for Private-Label) + continuous fine-tuning our Value Propositions. -Effective CRM usage (via Freshworks). Products sourced are profitable and achieve target ROI and net profit margins and not to lose our on deals. -Maintains best relationships with suppliers, company, and clients by providing support, information, and guidance; researching & identifying + recommending opportunities; recommending profit and service improvements. -Obtain deep, authoritative knowledge on each Product in our Catalog (such as why a health product works to a molecular level to the comprehension of patents and how to use the product). -Evaluate existing processes and provide process improvement recommendations in line with best practices and practical experience in the Amazon Sales Industry. Demonstration of critical thinking, ability to question the output of a financial model, design negotiation strategies and/or fallback positions etc. +Growth mindset with hunger to constantly learn and improve your craft. Self Learning & Training on The Wholesale Formula, Sourcing Warriors Elite, Seller Tradecraft, and/or PPC AMS Accelerator training already under your belt. Apply using the form below: Not for you? Please view all of our jobs available:$1000/month SKILL SUMMARY Marketing & Sales Lead Generation Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Research Project Coordinator

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