JOB OVERVIEW Hi, my name is Henno and I am looking for a writer that is interested in long term work. I run a Blog ( similar to & ) that covers many topics relating to dog health,behaviour and nutrition. WHAT IS NEEDED : I have a spreadsheet with hundreds of article topics and titles for you to write. Each article will be between 1500 – 3000 words. Example titles include : 9 Common Dog Health Problems you should know Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis in Dogs Quick Healthy Snacks for Your Dog 28 Common Health Issues in the Most Common Dog Breeds Healthy Coat Secrets for Dogs Dental Health Mastery Tips for Your Dog Healthy Water Tips for Dogs How to maintain a healthy yard and avoid dog parasites and bugs How aging will affect your dog’s behavior and how to prepare You will not have to come up with tiles. You will not have to do research. I will give you access to my spreadsheet of topics and source URLs to look at for inspiration. INTERESTED? To be considered for this job, you must send me a message with your answers to the following 3 questions. 1.How many articles (like you see above) can you write per week ? 2.How much will you charge per word ? 3.When can you start ? This position will continue to grow and provide new opportunities as the Blog will grow. Thank you and good luck. Henno SKILL SUMMARY Writing

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