The developer is responsible for software design and development, technical support, troubleshooting and bug fixing. Do proactive communication with the scrum team especially the scrum master and tech leader regarding any issue to make sure the agile process is running smoothly.

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-Business understanding and support:
Proactive to understand the business deeply, make sure before any implementation, the business which the platform is going to support, is totally understood. Work with tech leaders and scrum masters to provide technical feasibility and effort estimation. Provide proactive feedback to help the business team to make better decisions.

-Implementation design:
Following the designed architecture, work with the tech leader to do the specific implementation architecture design and provide proactive feedback to improve the architecture.

Make sure the architecture design is well documented and the documents are well-structured with diagrams and detailed explanations and always up to date.

Do development work according to the design to implement the requirements.

Writing test code, including unit test and integration test, do self-test before submitting the code and to test by QA team

-Design/Code review:
Proactively take part in the design/code review activities to make sure the software is always with high quality insight.

-Problem analyzing and solving:
Take part in the troubleshooting, from software to hosting to address the issue and root cause, provide workaround and permanent solutions.

Be proactive and collaborative to work with the scrum team.

Other missions given by the leaders, e.g. new technology research.


Must Have:

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-Bachelor degree or above in computer science or equivalent

-University graduate and bachelor’s degree or above in IT or related fields.

-At least 3 years’ development/test experiences with Microsoft platforms.

-Good development skills with Microsoft platforms/tools, including Visual studio 2015 or above, SQL Server Management Studio, VSTS etc.

-Experience with frontend development, including HTML/CSS/JS programing, web API consuming, know frontend frameworks, including Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS.

-Experience with backend development, including .NET Core/C#/SQL programing

-Know database design patterns.

-Knowledge and know-how about non-functional requirements, including performance, security, scalability.

-Good analytical and problem-solving skills

-Documentation skills to write structured technical documents with diagrams and detailed explanations.

-Good in written and spoken English

-Good communication skills

Should Have:

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-IT infrastructure knowledge (hardware, network, HA, DR)

-Strong high-performance database (MS SQL Server) design and tuning skills

-Hands-on experiences with high concurrent transactional systems or payment systems.

-Knowledge of software development methodology (waterfall, agile)

-System tuning experience, including frontend website, backend process and database optimization.

Nice to Have:

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-IT industry certifications.

-DevOps experience


-Cloud knowledge, especially Microsoft Azure

-Experiences with multinational corporation

-Contribution to famous open source products/projects

-Following the technology trend of Microsoft product families

-Experience with Microservices architecture.

-Experience with distributed transaction mechanism design and implementation.


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