JOB OVERVIEW Our team is fun and supportive. We like to laugh just as much as we work. We will support, train, and guide you throughout your journey with us! Founders Healthcare Marketing is looking for new members of our LinkedIn Patient Acquisition (LPAC) Team! If you value integrity, professionalism, and collaboration as much as we do, then we would love to have you in our growing family! Here are the attributes and skills the team requires: Previously worked as a Marketing Strategist or relevant [1year of experience is a plus!] A critical thinker who enjoys making marketing strategies and optimizations to promote conversion. Knows how to analyze and interpret data with reporting techniques Develop ways to establish clients’ awareness and trust in the business Promote client retention and referrals Tech-savvy– knows their way around computer programs such as Google Chrome, Google Sheets, and LinkedIn. With good communication skills in English Immediate Key Responsibilities: Strategic Marketing Campaign Analysis Leadership background Requirements: 1. Resume 2. Send a screenshot of your computer/laptop’s specs. Processor at least i3 or equivalent At least 4gb ram A desktop is preferred but not required Microsoft office of any version is preferred 3. Send a screenshot of your internet speed ( At least 10mbps download net speed preferably Fiber connection but not required. 4. Submit a 2 to 3-minute VIDEO recording: Reading this script “We’re part of a patient referral program that gets you connected with corporate employees on a matching PPO plan. And would like to demo this program for your office to review, alongside a provided lunch, to see if we can get you listed as a preferred provider.” Answering these questions: a. Summarize your experience and work history? b. Are you currently employed? If yes, how much is your current salary? If no, how much was your previous salary? c. Why should we hire you? Our company is growing fast and we are welcoming entry-level people who are eager to learn and who have strong leadership potential. If you have these qualities, you know what to do SKILL SUMMARY Project Management Marketing Project Management Marketing & Sales LinkedIn Marketing Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Project Coordinator

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