workplace-china – Davao Region – 1. Chinese Translation 2. Proficient in Chinese and Davao dialect. 3. During my stay in Davao Island, I did interpretation and translation for the teaching of architectural drawings for Chinese architectural designers. 4. If there is a business trip, the company shall bear all the air tickets, accommodation and travel subsidies. 5. English or Japanese is preferred. 6. Knowledge of architecture is preferred. 1.中国语翻译 2.熟练掌握中国语和菲律宾达沃方言。 3.在达沃岛期间为同行中国建筑设计师指导建筑图纸的教学做口译及笔译。 4.如果有出差,机票,住宿及出差补助全部由公司承担。 5.同时会英语,或日语优先。 6.熟悉建筑学知识优先。 The company is a Japanese funded enterprise, mainly engaged in the drawing and budget of Japanese construction drawings. At the same time, it provides internal design and construction of office area for Japanese enterprises and other enterprises in Shenyang. The working atmosphere is comfortable and the solidarity among colleagues is strong. The company has enough room for improvement and development potential after 12 years of operation. With the rapid development of business and the expansion of various businesses, we are looking for all kinds of elites to join us. 本公司是日资企业,主营日本建筑施工图纸的绘图、预算。同时为在沈的日企及其他企业提供办公区域内部设计及施工。工作氛围舒适,同事间团结力强.公司开展至12年,公司有足够上升空间及发展潜力。随着业务的快速发展和各项业务的展开,现诚聘各类精英加入到我们中间。… – Contract – Full-time

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