Roles and Responsibilities

· Administer first aid treatments and provide medications for employees as needed

· Monitor employees’ health status

· Provides first aid treatment to employee’s work related illness and injuries

· Assist and accompany employee needing hospital treatment

· Assist in pre-employment and clinic activities such as annual physical exam and pre-employment medical exam

· Evaluate medical condition of employee

· Home visit sick employees as needed

· Maintain all employees’ medical records & other similar records

· Plan and recommends sufficient stocks of first aide medicines and reasonable acquisition of necessary medical equipment and kits

· Maintain quality, clean and safe medical clinic

· Assist company doctors in assessing employee’s health

· Administer prescribed medication

· Prepares reports on health condition of employees

· Provides health education on different illnesses through lectures, bulletin board and flyers

· Process enrolment and assist employees’ HMO concerns

· Assists the HR officers in doing and managing administrative works

· Perform admin tasks assigned from time to time

· Acts as HR SPOC and representative in the Emergency Response Team, MGM and Disaster relief operations

· Manages Group Life Insurance benefit


Qualifications and Education Requirements

· College graduate with Nursing degree

· PRC License

Preferred Skills

· Interpersonal skills

· Knowledge in MS Excel and Powerpoint

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