JOB OVERVIEW is looking to create a library of trainings for VAs. These trainings will be sold to employers for the employer to give to their hired VAs. Your job would be to create a training course about Facebook Ads. I understand there is already a lot of training available for Facebook Ads. You’re free to reference other trainings to beef up yours. We just need this to be appropriate for a VA. The first step would be to develop a detailed outline. Next, record or write the first module/chapter. Then submit it for review. We’ll work together to make sure the training is right. All training should be in English. You may mix in Filipino sometimes as needed. To apply please 1. Tell me your credentials with Facebook Ads. 2. Make a video introducing yourself. It could be a cell phone recording or a screen capture recording (it doesn’t need to include your face, just your voice is fine). The point here is for me to hear the audio quality of your recording. Upload it somewhere (maybe YouTube?) and include the link to the video. 3. Provide a basic outline for the course you would create. It doesn’t need to be comprehensive. 4. Tell me how much you want to make to create the course. Send these things via the normal application process on onlinejobs. PS. You will be working with me, John, the creator of SKILL SUMMARY Advertising Facebook Ads

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