Job Title: Customer Service Executive | Convert Leads, Existing Clients, DBs

Type of Position: Full Time, Remote Working from your home

Joining Date: Immediately

Job Description:

Convert leads:

  • Leads from the web, emails, referrals, LinkedIn need to be converted
  • A strict protocol is to be followed including creating chat groups
  • Prepare and send quotation or estimate
  • Follow up through chat, phone calls, video chats and emails
  • Use a CRM platform and keep it updated
  • Be part of a team
  • Work with multiple jurisdictions [suppliers]
  • Keep track of pricing, continuously update changes in costs and regulations
  • Prepare alternate solutions
  • Be well aware of cost and benefit comparison between numerous jurisdictions


  • Receiving payment from the client
  • Filling up application forms- Email, or on portals
  • Collecting Know Your Client [KYC] documents
  • Coordinate amongst – Accounts, Operations, Jurisdiction Authority and Client until the application is submitted, payment made, process is complete, and all compliances are met.
  • Follow up for receiving end documents.
  • Assist Clients in opening bank accounts

Existing clients:

  • Essentially for Renewals Amendment, Closing, Services
  • Any new services they may require
  • Renewal reminders
  • Implementation system is similar to the one for new clients
  • Coordinate with the banks to help client resolve the issues
  • Be available to answer the queries of the clients in emergency

Administrative Jobs:

  • Prepare own sales reports to present in weekly meetings
  • Monitor performance to reach the goals
  • Attend meetings Weekly and Fortnightly
  • Participate on the design of new digital products
  • Help in design of user-interfaces and tracks to implement the new products
  • Maintain Client database on Freshsales CRM platform up-to-date
  • Participate on the design of new products
  • Performance will be appraised every week
  • Coordinate with other Varalians for urgent physical meetings, document signing for papers submissions

Would you like to participate in building a digital platform that simplifies and automates the task of applying to any type of institutions? Governments, quasi-government bodies, jurisdictions, banks, and other establishments? Applying for any type of license or permission or document or service?

If you want to be a part of the action from the early stages, now is your chance!

Would you like to use your customer servicing, sales skills and experience to make the user experience flawless? To make it simple, easy to use and reliable? No matter the specific service?

And not just on a simple website, but also on an eCommerce one. On Dashboards, data entry forms and other applications.

Are you ready to contribute towards digital advertising? Affiliate and influencer marketing? Do you want to be part of creating and implementing customer feedback marketing?

Do you have:

  • The desire to quickly learn about new products e.g. company registration
  • The ability to learn new products quickly?
  • An understanding of digital marketing
  • Knowledge of how SEO generates leads
  • Instinctive desire to be systematic
  • The flexibility to work based on Dubai timings
  • The temperament to work from home without being bored
  • Patience and politeness to build client relationships?

If you want to be a part of the action from the early stages, now is your chance!

Our automation and user interface philosophy revolves around very specific rules embodied in Varal’s Values and Thirteen Key Initiatives [Strategic Objectives] to ensure a quick set up and execution. But they are a little difficult to understand.

Are you disciplined enough to do that? Keep to rules, learn and use standard software, keep costs and time down?

You will work closely with different teams including the Operations, Automation, and Business ones to convert leads and create and transition to automated processes from customer interaction to internal ones.

Using a CRM platform diligently is fundamental to the way you will work. Being detail oriented and organized are a must. Finding it easy to document everything is essential.

Education: Bachelor’s or Professional degree or certifications in Marketing, Sales or Marketing Management

Experience: 2 – 5 years in any of the above areas with a willingness to apply your knowledge in a slightly different environment

Total Compensation: Php 18,000 to 20,000

What will your day-to-day look like?

Working with leads and existing clients on WhatsApp, emails, phone calls and video chat for business.

Interacting with the staff in the various offices of the UAE registration authorities over phone and email to get the job done, to get and verify information and follow up.

Interacting with different teams within Varal to implement orders and solve client issues.

Video calls with Varalians and meetings. Learning the existing products and their nuances.

Working with Varalians to build the new product and facilitate automation.

Be fully conversant with Varal’s Goals, Values and it’s strategic The Key Initiatives [TKIs] and apply them to our project formulation and coding implementation.

Getting to know other team members. Keeping track of your tasks on Trello. Being visible on FreshSales, Slack & MyVaral. Use of G Suite.

Working with automation, operations, business, assembly line and micro task teams to automate data collection and work processes in all areas.

Keeping close track of your tasks and implementing them instead of second guessing the tasks or procrastinating.


You should have an independent emotional support structure locally so you are not dependent on an office environment.

Be able to fulfill your own learning requirements through self motivation rather than wait for Varal to do everything for you.

Be organized, detail oriented and be able to learn new advances in your field quickly.

Minimum System Requirement:

Computer: Minimum of 4 GB RAM

Operating System: Windows or Mac or Google chrome

Internet Speed: 20 Mbps download speed, 10 Mbps upload speed

Headset: Preferably with noise cancellation

Location: Your home, in your hometown, in your country.

Our Story: Varal 3.0 was a conventional, Dubai, United Arab Emirates [UAE] based, Business Registration Consultancy company between 2010 to 2020.

Varal 4.0 is now a 100% Remote Working from Home Company [RWHC] with the goal of providing customers with a flawless automated application processing platform and a document vault, while being consistently profitable. This system is being developed in house.

Currently we have 7 team members in Dubai, 5 in the Philippines, 1 in Benin and 6 in India.

Varal emphasizes working on the basis of Strategic guidelines [TKIs], Goals, Values and teamwork.

Varal 4.0 Values: Customer Obsessed; Humility; Power Of Compounding; Automated Assembly Lines For Business Processes; Relentless Reduction Of Costs; Documentation; Manage Risk Instead Of Avoiding It; Acquire Skills, Not People; Preserving All Forms Of Company Wealth.

Culture & Style: This is a 100% full time remote job. You will be expected to be available during the working hours of the company 8:30 am to 18:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday Dubai time [GMT+4].

You will be expected to participate in regular meetings where you have been nominated via video calls. And be available to travel if required once in a while.

Varal currently utilizes 5 different platforms e.g. Trello, Slack, G-Suite and FreshSales to communicate and keep track of work and keep ourselves glued to the company. This number is expected to increase to 8 over the coming months. Transparency is important to Varal so all Varalians can see what is happening across the company via the Trello boards.

You are encouraged to learn the ones relevant to your job and participate fully.

Weekly status reports will be required. A weekly performance appraisal is in place.

What We Offer:

  • You will be entitled to 20 paid personal days off per year
  • You will also be entitled to public holidays as they happen in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • You won’t have to relocate, saving money on rent and commuting
  • You will be joining a committed team which is breaking traditional molds on how to automate business processes
  • There are no additional benefits offered at this time
  • Since you are not employed by a local company, your compensation will not be subjected to any statutory deductions

Application Process:

  • Your application along with the others will be shortlisted as quickly as possible
  • Next those within the 1st shortlist will be invited for preliminary interviews by an HR led panel
  • The invitation will contain your date and time. Respond to the invitation.
  • If you are attending please be online 5 minutes before your interview time.
  • Check in your SPAM folder to make sure that you haven’t missed the invitation since the interviews will be held quickly
  • The 1st interview will be held on: December 20, 2020 via Google Meet and you will be informed on the same day whether you have been shortlisted for the next round of interviews.
  • Join via your computer or tablet, NOT mobile phone
  • If the interview panel is running late for your appointment, wait patiently. They haven’t forgotten you
  • Those in the 2nd shortlist will be given a project to see whether they understand the job requirements and can actually do the job. This will also give you an opportunity to see if you want to become a Varalian and work with Varal.
  • Those successfully completing the project will be invited to present their projects, via Google Meet, in a final interview with the CEO and MD, which will be held around a few working days after the 1st round of interviews.
  • Your presentation will be around 30 min. Details will be given with the project assignment.
  • The selected person will be given a contract for an unlimited period and be expected to join the company immediately.


Who Should Apply?

  • The desire to quickly learn about new products e.g. company registration
  • The ability to learn new products quickly?
  • An understanding of digital marketing
  • Knowledge of how SEO generates leads
  • Instinctive desire to be systematic
  • The flexibility to work based on Dubai timings
  • The temperament to work from home without being bored
  • Patience and politeness to build client relationships?

Do you have a bias for action? Are you ready to be evaluated on what you have done rather than your attendance?

Do you have enthusiasm to implement decisions quickly?

If yes, then take this opportunity and apply.

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