Triangle Technology Ltd. – Metro Manila – About Step Triangle Technologies creates cutting edge software for the UK charity sector. Our flagship project is Step, which is a website where people in the UK can search for charity organizations who may be able to help them with their problems such as homelessness, mental health issues, financial assistance or legal advice. To make this work, we have an AI system that scrapes the web for information on these organizations and their services, and categorizes this data into a format the system can use. As part of this process, data validation operators find relevant information from websites, tag some of this data, and review any mistakes made by the system. You can see more about our platform at Job overview The job is to review data coming into our system from websites and help the system to tag it correctly. To do so, you’ll need: A high level of written English to understand information coming in Ability to fluently communicate fluently in English for training and review video calls The ability to quickly read and find relevant information in websites An ability to work quickly on computers To be fast at tagging / classification tasks, and comfortable with making quick decisions. To be comfortable working on your own, without daily feedback or contact You will be joining our data validation team who are all based in or near Manila and working from home, led by our data service manager who is in Bangkok. We meet at least once a week by video call, during office hours Philippines time (generally we don’t start meetings before 9:30am or finish later than 5:30pm). The job requires in-depth knowledge of both our data system and the UK charity sector, which means there is an extensive training period which consists of video calls with the data service manager, with experienced data validation operators, and by self-study. Step is still in its start-up phase, which means things change quickly. With that said, if Step continues to grow successfully, this will be a permanent job. Time requirement We would expect you to work, on average, 5 days a week, for 7.5 hours each day. During the training period these hours will be during office hours Philippines time. After the training period is finished, the hours become more flexible. Location You will be working remotely, using your own computer. In the long-term we plan to open an office in Manila, which would mean in the future this job would require some days working from a central office. Hiring process 1. We will only consider applicants who complete the application form at 2. Applicants who are shortlisted will be invited to do an online test. 3. The best-performing candidates will have an interview with the data service manager and the director via video chat. COVID-19 considerations This job is working remotely, and all meetings are online. We're a UK company, working on the next generation of web software for the not-for-profit sector. Our Values Deliver change, not just technology Technology can be great, but many projects fail to deliver the benefits hoped for. At Triangle, we focus first on ensuring any solution we provide delivers real, measurable impact through our experience, deep understanding of wider organizational issues and prioritization of value-bringing features over the latest flashy technology. Work in partnership Whilst the not-for-profit world is highly diverse, we see huge opportunity for organizations to work together to solve common problems that no single organization can do. Our aim is to identify those opportunities, connect our capabilities with the knowledge of the sector experts, and work together in delivering revolutionary software. Think big There's amazing things going on in the not-for-profit sector, but few organizations have the resources to focus on a big picture vision for what could be possible across the sector. We're stepping into that role, and connecting the latest technologies and best practice from the commercial sector, designing powerful solutions that can change what's possible…. – Permanent – Full-time

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