JOB OVERVIEW HI – We are recontacting suppliers to tender for ongoing work – please can you reply with improvement suggestions for the mentioned website, available relevant services/hours available – Please do not reply with spam content, we only need proactive and good communication suppliers thanks We have a magneto 1 eCommerce store, we need some functionality issues to address on this regarding front page layout and also arranging customer groups for different tax scenarios. We would also be considering moving to Magneto 2 / Big Commerce to accommodate a planned website relaunch in the near future. This =would be to accommodate variation on existing listings to accommodate multiples of certain items (currently on separate listings) onto more choice options on one listing. In the short term we would need the front page display re-arranged, Tax Groups set up and possibly on-page SEO greatly improved. We are also in need of a linnworks taskmaster and this skill would surely be a bonus in our decision to hire. Please can you let me know your previous history with similar tasks, suggested hourly rate and availability. SKILL SUMMARY Web Development Magento Webmaster Webmaster Tools

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