JOB OVERVIEW Content provided. Close collaboration with our authors or trainers. Course design assisted by You Start: asap. — Duration: ca. end 2020 — may be extended beyond optionally if satisfied. Welcome aboard ! Close-to-full time preferred with some degree of freedom as of our reactive provisioning of content (see process below) Objective: Please assist in transferring former PPT offline courses into our on prem moodle System, assist our trainers in course creation process, and care for course features and design, media, layout This includes: – Assist our manager, trainers or webmaster in configuring and administering courses into final curricula – Migrate PPT slide based courses into our Moodle system, or edit/author text-based courses into Moodle (copy-past or typing) – Apply best practice course navigation/animation/didactic features to the courses, e.g. embed or use gif, mov, mp4, mp3, streaming or others, co-work with our webmaster on this – underlay lessons or exercises by audio/video we provide – Design course layout and style using Moodle, html, plugin, h5p, flash or other ways as of your recommendation – Advise and implement professional enterprise-level look&feel across all our courses – Initial content will be German (GE) language, or to some extent EN – We thought this process would allow us to collaborate with you in this effort. You may suggest improvements. You to translate to EN (by web-tool copy-paste) Our trainer will care translation correctness of language and assist you in clarifying. We at least correct-read before publishing -› You then got two language versions: GE or EN You convert / enter ppt / text content in Moodle course You add media like pictures or URL or other and propose placement of course features into the course (simply do) Our trainer revise or agree We find out where to add URL media or audio/video support to content, which we produce and provide to you You add this supporting content, perform finishing task, and publish into our course curriculum – You are free in the use of your tools you may be accustomed to as far as we can hand-over afterwards to our trainers We are/have: – Currently setting up our own course system – Currently 6 trainers, growing, 1 manager providing ppt or text content together with pictures or later also audio or video – The volume of 50+ courses with ca. 7 lessons each We require: – Looking for You, the e-Learning experienced author/lecturer with experience as trainer as well as in applying html/h5p/media/web content etc. as to master the course design and layouting – Courses to be editable by us afterwards – Courses compliant to SCORM export provisioning – Copyright of all materials shall be with us Looking forward to working with you! SKILL SUMMARY Graphics & Multimedia Illustrator Customer Service & Admin Support Content Moderation Writing Editing Proofreading

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