JOB OVERVIEW We are an American Arts & Crafts direct-to-consumer brand looking for TWO long-term customer service supervisor to handle email, live chat customer tickets, and Facebook Messenger requests. You will be joining 2 other long-time PH based support agents. You must have: – Previous experience and track record of Customer Service – Exceptional online manners are a must – Perfect written English – Flexible schedule and willing to rotate graveyard shift. – Fast typer 80wpm+ – Fast Internet (15 Mbps/download and 3 Mbps/upload high-speed internet minimum) About You – Strong work ethic, highly reliable, able to keep track of all tasks – You are bubbly and love to help people – You are upbeat, energetic and can spread your energy and positivity to our customers – You have the ability to go the extra mile to ensure customer retention Your Skills – Empathy – Active Listening – Patience – Enthusiastic Communicator – “Can-Do” Attitude – Service-Oriented What is in it FOR YOU – Above-market pay $1,000 per month (160 hours) + $50 increase after 3 months + below benefits: – Quarterly bonuses – 13th month – 2 weeks PTO —- Very important! Hundreds of people will apply for this job. The only way we could filter everyone and find out if you are THE ONE we are looking for was to create a (hopefully fun) challenge. It will take roughly 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Many will start the challenges; very few will finish. (Good for you) Don’t email us back here – We won’t reply. If you are interested in having a great career, fix the URL below by Replacing the {DOT} below with a “.” then copy and paste the link below into your browser to start the challenges! Challenge = bit{DOT}ly/2ykWqeZ | You will also be asked to upload your resumé. PS. Don’t try cheating or giving random answers, the system will flag it and you’d be just wasting your time and you will not hear back from us. This is an honesty test before everything else. SKILL SUMMARY

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