Engineering and Facilities Supervisor



· Perform job functions consistent to the corporate vision, mission statements and the core values of the company; ensure that subordinate performs their respective functions in like manner.

· Ensure that departmental standards are in compliance with good manufacturing practices and ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and that departmental performance meets quality, cost and delivery standards.

· Assist superior on planning, organizing, and controlling the operations and activities of the work unit.

· Assist superior on the preparation of the operational plans for the department and undertaking of complementary resource planning related to manpower, machinery and space utilization.


· Conduct daily tool box meeting/performance dialogue to address daily plant issues or concerns especially supply chain and manufacturing issues.

· Conduct daily work area inspection for Safety, 5s, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.

· Review daily completion of job orders either preventive or corrective.



· Supervise the job order program for either preventive, normal and corrective.

ü Identify if a request is a job order and type of work order.

ü Receive and distribute job orders.

ü Prioritize job order and obtain status change.

ü Ensure quality control and perform the actual work to be done (include date, time start & end, cost).

ü Define work activities & notify the process owner. Document results of activities on the job order form and close out the job order request.

· Supervise Maintenance Management Systems Programs (Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

ü Set-up the program and populate the program with the required data.

ü Identify items to be measured (equipment, space, ancillary, etc).

ü Establish baselines (standards, priorities, codes/naming conventions).

ü Establish process flow on how work will be accomplished.

ü Establish maintenance schedules.

ü Determine reporting needs and set up reports.

ü Establish minimum-maximum inventory levels.

ü Determine maintenance tasks and user roles

ü Determine costs (labor, materials, overhead, etc).

ü Develop data archiving strategy

ü Identify in-house skill levels, train users, and set-up dashboard

· Responsible for the physical resources of Measuring & Test equipment, Equipment and ancillary of the company by:

ü Undertaking periodic assessment and maintenance of the fitness for use of MTE & plant equipment.

ü Approving and supervising the completion of work orders involving in-house maintenance and repairs of plant equipment and other utilities, subject to limitations set by the specification of authority provided by the superior.

ü Arranging for the engagement of external service contractors for major installation, repairs, or related job orders; ensure that job orders contracted to outside service providers are performed in accordance with specifications. Review contract for recommendation to Department Manager / VP-Supply Chain.

· Supervise the installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair of production machinery/ancillary.

· Ensure that process optimization is done to support production performance.

· Submit periodic reports to immediate superior on the operations and activities of work unit with corresponding analysis and recommendations. This includes daily updating on CMMS pertaining to job order. Responsible for the implementation of preventive maintenance and calibration programs.

· Develop effective Preventive/Predictive and Calibration plans to minimize production stoppage.

· Responsible for planning of maintenance job order, repair and efficient functioning of all production and facility related equipment and ancillaries.

· Responsible on the technical documentation (drawing, flow charts, spare parts list, specifications, operations manual, etc.)

· Inform to immediate superior of spare parts requirements of the unit for a specific period and check spare parts against specifications prior to installation to avoid costly mistakes.

· Review the performance of equipment and ancillary through documentation on job order (Preventive Maintenance/Corrective Maintenance) and machine breakdown history record; Submit evaluation/recommendation for equipment modification/upgrade to superior for review and approval.

· Responsible to accomplish the CAPA/NC reports as per established procedure and monitor effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions.

Health and Safety:

· Know and understand his/her company’s Safety and Health programs, policies and procedures.

· Know and tell his subordinates about their health and safety rights and responsibilities.

· Ensure that his/her subordinates have the proper training, tools and personal protective equipment.

· Ensure compliance to occupational health, safety and security on work place, PIA policies and energy conservation program are implemented.

· Conduct a formal hazard assessment for the workplace and involve his/her subordinates during the course of the assessment & during instituting engineering controls.

· Demonstrate due diligence that there is an effort/analysis was made to avoid injury or harm.

· Communicate relevant safe work practices to his/her subordinates and cascade all hazards and related engineering controls to his subordinates.

· Wear/use required personal protective equipment (PPE) when on workplace and ensure his/her subordinates are wearing the required one.

· Ensure proper plant shutdown procedures in the event of holidays or rest day.

· Ensure that the day-to-day operations support the company’s Safety and Health policy and program.

People Management:

· Responsible for shift schedule to include: work assignments/rotations, employee training, employee vacations, employee breaks, overtime assignment, back-up for absent employees, and shift rotations.

· Must be able to communicate expectations and provide clear instructions.

· Must be able to listen, grasp, and summarize situations effectively, and provide an accurate account of what they hear.

· Must be able to serve as a direct conduit of information between the organization and its workers. And keep the worker up to speed of management’s expectations and keeping management up to date on what’s happening on the front line.

· Enforce discipline, conduct counseling and insure adherence to company policies or code of disciplines; and recommend subordinate for termination and agency operators for return to agency.

· Maintain positive relationships with team members and oversee morale and attitude of the operators.

· Conduct employee performance reviews, prepare performance improvement plan if necessary and recommend subordinates for transfer and cross training.

· Supervise and control planned and intervening activities of subordinate concerning the performance of their job functions and completion of task assignments in accordance with prescribed standards.

Financial Management:

· Ensure cost control programs of the department are implemented.

· Review budget/expenditure on a regular basis and identify/implement changes to achieve cost savings.

· Responsible for the acceptance report.


· Responsible to provide corrective and preventive actions.

· Participate in KAIZEN and improvement projects and other company supported activities, respectively.

· Ensure compliance of all work related activities in a fair, ethical, and consistent manner.


· Ensure all production equipment and ancillary are properly shutdown on a daily basis.

· Review and approve all job orders either corrective, preventive including MTE.

· Responsible for the strict enforcement of safety and housekeeping rules, regulations and procedures to prevent accidents and eliminate losses due to such.

· Ensure that instructions and guidelines in relation to occupational health and safety, security, environment and energy conservation are implemented.



Preferably BS Mechanical Engineering/BS Electrical Engineering, Licensed

Experience/ Expertise

At least seven (7) years of work related experience in a manufacturing set-up and three (3) years of which are in supervisory capacity in manufacturing set- up.

– Ability to build partnerships and many levels of the organization, internally and externally.

– Multi plant management experience.

– Experienced in a metal fabricating operation.

– Experienced on machine repair and maintenance

– Knowledge of mechanical components associated with electrical equipment such as chain, sprocket, belt, pulley, socket, shaft, bearing and bushing.

– Knowledge of components of electrical devices associated with pneumatic, hydraulic systems such as central system pressure switches.

Mandatory Trainings

– Training on Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH)

– Training on HIRADC / JHA.

– Training on Electrical Safety Awareness

– Training on Engineering Principles for Safety

– Training on Evacuation Drill

– Training on GMP/QMS/EMS Awareness

– Training on ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015

– Training on People Handling Skills

– Training on Enhancing Supervisors Productivity

– Training on Managing Conflicts in Workplace

– Training on hydraulic, motors and pneumatics

– Training on basic machine controls and instrumentation

– Training on Total Productive Maintenance

Preferred Skills/Competencies

– Working knowledge on different manufacturing machines, and production processes including boiler/generator set/air compressor /water softener and chiller.

– Working knowledge on total productive maintenance/Over-all equipment effectiveness

– Knows occupational health and safety techniques.

– Computer literate (MS office, Auto CAD or Sketchup, Minitab)

– Working knowledge on GMP and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

– Strong leadership and coaching ability

– Good analytical and problem-solving ability

– Working knowledge on Lean Manufacturing

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