JOB OVERVIEW Our company operates parenting and kids-related sites, and we are looking for English tutors for our online tuition platform. Along with English, we are also looking for Math and Science tutors. If you have multiple skills, it may be a bonus for your application. This position requires a high level of patience and chemistry in tutoring students primarily from the ages 9 – 12. Various tools will be provided to you, including a company VPN and video conferencing tools. Content will be also be provided by us, though it will be good if you have a unique method of teaching that works. If you have a passion for teaching or tutoring, are highly motivated and have the right skills to engage with kids, this position may be the perfect fit for you. Candidate’s required skills, responsibilities and duties: 1. To have an excellent command of the English language (no exceptions), both spoken and written. 2. To be familiar with the syllabus of the target age group. Syllabus will be provided. 3. To join daily scrum calls with team members for discussion and progress updates. 4. To have prior teaching and tutoring experience of at least 1 year. 5. To have a good laptop with webcam, microphone and speakers. 6. To have fast Internet access. This is a long-term full-time position (working hours: 8hrs/a day; Monday to Friday), and not a part-time or project-based outsource job. You can work from any remote location, and clock-in with Hubstaff, with screenshot and activity tracking, during daytime hours. Our company has been around for more than 10 years, and we are looking for someone who will be with us for the long haul. Application instructions: Kindly reply here. Please attach your resume. We look forward to hearing from you very soon. *There will be 1 month probation period before we confirm you as full-time staff.* *There will be an assessment of your tutoring skills upon receiving your application* SKILL SUMMARY English Tutoring Teaching Speaking Writing

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