JOB OVERVIEW “Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” – Jon Buscall We are looking for an experienced Content Writer to help us write articles that can effectively connect to the specified target audience. Minimum salary set to 3 GBP per hour. Please ensure you read all guidelines in full before you answer Basic Requirements: Willing to work on a graveyard shift At least 10mbps stable internet connection with backup Working computer/ Laptop (Minimum Requirement: Processor – Intel i3 or equivalent RAM – at least 4GB) Minimal to no power outage in the area Valid NBI Clearance 2 valid government IDs Skills required: Fluent in Written English. Attention to details. (Grammar & Spelling) Can write effective articles/blog posts that can effectively connect to the target audience. Able to express thoughts well in written paragraph formats. Can adapt writing style and structure-dependent on the topic at hand. Can repurpose content so that it can be used on different social media platforms. Can produce articles by watching videos and still have the same, if not more, content as the video. Open to feedback. Can adapt to changes requested. IMPORTANT REMINDER: All candidates need to go through our official application process and should not try to contact anyone in the company directly outside of this job advert. APPLICATION PROCESS: Please take note of this tagline: “Meaningful content that lasts” you will need it later. Position applying for is: TFG Content Writer Go to this link and answer the form: NOTE: You will need a Gmail account to go through the whole application process. ALL EMAIL APPLICATIONS WILL BE IGNORED. GOOD LUCK! SKILL SUMMARY Writing Web Content Writing English Writing Advertising Creative advertising

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