JOB OVERVIEW Submit your application here: JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Assist Social Media Marketing Coordinator with Social Media Management Moderate content in Facebook Group Communicate with potential customers in Facebook Group Database management Reaching out to vendors via email or phone Calendar management Other admin tasks as needed TOOLS: Facebook G Suite WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Proven experience as an administrative assistant in the Real Estate Industry Preferably someone with experience in engaging with clients in Facebook groups Comfortable with reaching out to clients Detail-oriented and well-organized Excellent interpersonal skills Proactive attitude Excellent English verbal and written communication skills OTHER JOB DETAILS: Job Type: Full-Time Schedule: Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST Hourly Pay: Starts at $3.13/hr Contract: Long-term BENEFITS: You are guaranteed to get paid – on time. An HMO coverage after 6 months*. We’ll get you another client should you lose your current client**. No work required on major US holidays***. An annual pay raise**** PAID LEAVES! And so much more. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Just like any job, you need to have the right tools to perform well. That being said, we need you to meet the following requirements to ensure success in this role: 1 main computer with at least core i5 processor A backup computer with at least core i3 processor Main ISP should be at least 10 mbps internet speed At least 5 mbps backup internet service An internet hub/cafe nearby that operates during your working hours Submit your application here: 6 months of being with the same client. ** We’ll reassign if we deem you eligible after evaluation of your performance with your previous client. *** Should your client need support on some of these holidays, you can work with your client on getting an alternate day off. ****Performance based appraisal SKILL SUMMARY Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
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