FOOD PHOTOGRAPHERS: We have assignments for you in The Philippines!

OCUS has opportunities right now to shoot for several leading websites excelling in food delivery.

We are opening a new client in the Philippines to provide you with food photography assignments. Your role will be to help restaurants to showcase their best dishes with your beautiful compelling images.

These assignments are available when and where it’s convenient for you, so you can complement your existing business while adding a marquee brand to your portfolio.


We connect image creators with incredible brands all over the world. You’ll join a community of 20,000 passionate photographers and videographers for access to flexible scheduling and high-quality assignments that suit your talents.

✅ You choose when to work

✅ Grow your portfolio and client list

Work for international brands

We work with large companies that are in demand for quality visuals in several countries simultaneously. Among the clients on our list, for example, we have worked before for Uber Eats and Grubhub; also we shoot the best hotels of the Radisson group or touristic locations for, delivery service sites such as Shipt, and the list is only getting bigger!

✅ Worry for getting clients yourself no more!



  • Camera & Lens: Full frame or APS-C camera > 18 million pixels. 50 to 110mm lens or 35-85mm on APS-C.
  • Show us your skills in food photography.
  • It only takes 3 minutes to complete!
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