JOB OVERVIEW Please read the full description! We don’t need WordPress developers! It seems like some people don’t read the full description. Be aware, if that’s the case, those are directly deleted. -About us- We are a software development agency from Germany with focus on developing Web-Applications and Websites for marketing campaigns. Our main clients are big brands from the food sector. Furthermore, we have a few software products which we want to extend. We are always looking for talented people who want to grow with us. Maybe you are the right person. -Job Description- Your task will be to create the front-end website for marketing campaigns. Mostly you’ll get a website design from a designer which you should use to create a website (HTML5/CSS3/JS). We don’t create websites with WordPress. We are working with the Jira ticket system. There you’ll find the projects and tasks to accomplish and the current project status. During your work time you need to be online and always reachable. -Skills and Qualifications- – Advanced knowledge of frontend technologies especially JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 – Basic knowledge of web design, UI and UX – Responsive Design – Basic knowledge of HTML Canvas development – Package management with npm or yarn – Basic knowledge of GIT versioning tool – Open minded to learn new things and technologies and collaborate with other devs. – Fast learner – Very good understanding of the English language. This is a 40h week full-time job which means you can’t work on other jobs or projects if you want to work for us. Put these words into the subject line of your application “Awesome Frontend Programmer” otherwise, your application won’t be taken into consideration. If you think you are the right person for this job, then send us your cv, portfolio (no WordPress projects), example Code, and a motivation letter. After receiving and processing the application, we will contact you. If you make it on the shortlist, you have to do an assignment to validate your knowledge. After you completed the assignment to our satisfaction, we’d hire you. The salary will be $400 per month. Later on, based on your performance, a raise of salary is possible. Please be sure that you can fulfill the above stated skills and qualifications and willing to take the assignment before sending us your Resume. Thank you for your interest. SKILL SUMMARY Web Development Javascript English Writing

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