JOB OVERVIEW Thank you for looking at this job posting! I am looking for a full-time lead generation specialist to help with clients. We do organic lead generation through LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Facebook groups. The #1 thing anyone should know about me when applying to be a member of my team, is that I believe in enabling my team members and getting out of there way – I do NOT micromanage when someone takes ownership of their work and does a great job! Also, I have highly detailed video training to walk you step-by-step through the work for this position. This is PAID training – I never ask my team members to do work or training for free. I’ll be leaving this job posting up for approximately 5 days. If your application catches my attention, you will receive an email with a few additional questions to answer. I will then be setting up 2-3 video interviews for the final candidates from those emailed question responses. If I have not sent you any emails within 7 business days, please assume the position has been filled. If you have received a follow-up email from me, once you respond, I will e-mail you personally either to request a video interview or to let you know we found some other candidates that more closely fit what I am looking for. This job requires, at a very minimum: 1) 100% perfect, fluent written English (no syntactical, grammatical, spelling errors or use of slang incorrectly) 2) A reliable, high-speed internet connection 3) A reliable computer 4) The ability to follow a specific script for LinkedIn & Facebook 5) A willingness to use HubStaff to track all of your hours while you work 6) The ability to type at least 40-50 WPM (words per minute) 7) A willingness to send screenshots to the client when you do not know exactly how to answer (If any of these sound daunting, please don’t worry. I have in-depth video training that will show you exactly how to do each one. Also, I am always here for questions you may have) A perfect candidate would have (these are NOT required; just preferred): 1) The ability to do repetitive tasks consistently (same exact work just different clients). 2) The ability to keep track of your progress in a spreadsheet for each client Fair warning, I am a pretty casual person overall. I don’t micromanage, but I’m always here if you have questions or want to be certain of something before taking action. I prefer team members that can come on board, learn quickly, and become independent and reliable as quickly as possible. If you’re willing to learn and work hard, I’m willing to teach! If that sounds like something you’re interested in and qualified for, please let me know! If you have read this far include the words yellow rhino creatively in the subject line of your e-mail response. Also, I will probably get about 200 applications, so make sure yours is creative and will stand out. I promise a generically emailed template will just get deleted. Lastly, a culture fit (in other words, us getting along like friends) is MUCH more important to me than having lead generation experience. Don’t be shy if you think we’ll get along, but you need to be trained on all the above items. I have all the video training ready for you! SKILL SUMMARY English Writing Marketing & Sales Lead Generation LinkedIn Marketing

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