1. Communicate with clients effectively on their needs, and provide feedback on results;
  2. Discover KOLs and media fit with brand images, and establish cooperative relations with them;
  3. Build and maintain stable long-term cooperative relations with KOLs, and assist them in content creation;
  4. Gather operation information of competitors, monitor and analyze related data, and constantly suggest innovative ideas related to hot topics.


  1. Fiamiliar with Filipino culture,and with excellent English communication skills;
  2. Experienced user of social media applications, such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and an acute observer of hot topics on digital media;
  3. Game fan who has rich game experience or has been following game self-media creators will be preferred;
  4. Study experience in China or proficiency in Chinese is a plus;
  5. 责任心强,具有良好的沟通表达能力。

E-Jade Information Technology Co., Ltd

Number of employees:
From 201 to 500


E-Jade是一家立足于中国的领先的全球化综合游戏创意服务商。自成立以来,深耕游戏行业,为全球化游戏产品提供社交媒体营销、广告创意、电竞策划、玩家支持、本地化等一体化服务。E-Jade 生于全球,自始至终都是 Supercell 的长期专业合作伙伴;在进入中国市场成长和繁荣的过程中,我们与《部落冲突》、《Hay Day》、《Boom Beach》、《Clash Royale》和《Brawl Stars》一起走过了每一步。我们分享全球视野,掌握本地解决方案。

E-Jade Information Technology Co., Ltd

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