JOB OVERVIEW What we are looking for: SEO EXPERT Responsibilities: – Performing ongoing keyword research including discovery and expansion of keyword opportunities. – Developing and implementing effective on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO) strategies; – Analyze and implement conversion optimization improvements; – Coordinating content, design, social media marketing and other activities; – Managing offsite and onsite optimization projects and reporting on performance; – Completion of various SEO projects when required. Note : IF YOU ONLY KNOW BASIC KNOWLEDGE FOR THOSE MENTIONED ABOVE, THEN THIS POSITION MIGHT NOT SUITABLE FOR YOU Qualifications: – Must have a STABLE INTERNET PROVIDER (atleast 5mpbs) and STABLE POWER SUPPLY (Absenteeism, often power outage and often internet troubles will not be tolerated) – Long term, FULL TIME (exclusive) Virtual Assistant(work from home). – Educated to deg – Demonstrable experience working in SEO – Time-management skills – Great communication within a team – Marketing Skills (social media or something else) – Excellent reading and writing skills in English Language **Having experience working for an Amazon FBA account is an advantage What do we offer? –1 Month Trial period with pay (trial period rate = $350) –Competitive pay with performance based wage growth –Long term career –Stable job (Day job) We will raise the salary from there based on your skill level (performance based). As a company we believe in honest work for honest pay and we do offer bonus’s once you have proven that you can provide good work and are loyal to our company. What do we need when you apply for this job? –Your resume –Your Work Experience (with proofs or sample works) Other information you might need to know : –Must undergo 1 or 2 month trial period with pay (trial period rate = $350) –Company required mandatory use of TIME DOCTOR during working hours (8 hours per day) –6 Days off per month (2 working Saturdays and 2 non-working Saturdays, fix Sundays off) –Working hours : 8:30 AM–17:30 PM (1 hour lunch, 2 x 15 mins break) –Monthly Pay (thru PayPal) every 27th of the month. SKILL SUMMARY

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