Plans, creates, implements, evaluates and improves training and development programs, performance management systems, career and succession planning, and organizational design.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the planning, creation, implementation, evaluation and improvement of training and development programs.

2. Creates own training materials and assists identified subject matter experts in preparing their training materials.

3. Conducts and monitors internal trainings and orientations such as new hire orientation.

4. Facilitates company initiated trainings as well as supplier trainings and evaluates them.

5. Accountable for the creation and update of job descriptions and technical competency inventory of all employees.

6. Responsible for the development, implementation, evaluation and improvement of performance management systems, career and succession planning for all employees.

7. Accountable in ensuring that proper performance feedback are given by managers to their direct reports.

8. Analyzes training and development needs and recommends solutions.

9. Prepares and submits reports which include but are not limited to trainings conducted, expense reports, and performance evaluation summary.

10. Safe keeps all training related equipment, materials and documents.



1. Must be a graduate of any four (4) year course in the related field

2. Must have at least one to two (1-2) years work experience in organizational development and training or related field

3. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

4. Must possess as excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills

5. Must have an excellent presentation and convincing skills

6. Must have strong analytic skills

7. Must be keen into details and organized

8. Amenable to work in Quezon City

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