JOB OVERVIEW Are you looking for a role where you can develop your knowledge and skill? If yes, then keep on reading as it might change your whole life… My name is Ab and I am currently the owner of a company that has 15+ people working. The goal is to grow the company from 15 employees to 100 employees by the end of this year… I am personally looking for a Human Resources Specialist who will be responsible for building a culture of employee excellence and customer satisfaction, and who has the initiative and passion in creating programs to support the most important resource in the company – ITS PEOPLE. If you think you have what we are looking for, then keep on reading… Ideally, someone who: – Has strong work ethics and professionalism – Has previous HR-related working experience – with e-commerce / digital marketing experience is a PLUS! – has these desirable attributes: Ø People-SMART Ø Great Leadership Skills Ø Quick Decision-Making Ø Honest and Reliable Ø Patient Ø With Formal Authority Ø ..and with Good Oral and Written Communication Skills. You will take care of the following responsibilities: – Recruitment and On/Offboarding Employees – Staff orientation and training – Performance review – Succession planning – Policy development and monitoring – Payroll processing – Compensation and benefits review – Other ad-hoc tasks as needed If you consider yourself the right person for this position, then please add the following information in your application: 1. Provide us your skype ID 2. Do a personality test on and tell us your personality type 3. Upload your CV on google drive/ dropbox and share us the link 4. Record a short video answering these key questions: – Introduce yourself. (Give us your 1 strength and 3 weaknesses) – How do you measure an employee if he is fit for the job? – In which HR functions do you have experience with? – How can the HR role contribute to the business? 5. Upload your video in google drive/dropbox share us the link. 6. Include “Loyal’ in the subject line of your application When your application is successful, you will be personally contacted and invited for a Skype interview. HINT: we consider honest, transparent job-applicants. we are not looking for Einstein types of people but more humble, hard-working and responsible team players who have the mindset of ”All for one and one for all. ” Good luck and have a blessed day! *Only shortlisted applicants will be notified. SKILL SUMMARY Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Human Resource Management English Speaking Writing

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