JOB OVERVIEW Hello, I recently found two wonderful designers on this platform and I’m back again in hopes to find a few more as my workload has increased. This time I am in need of an ILLUSTRATOR with impressive drawing skills for use in creating artwork for children’s books. In addition to hand drawing skills, qualified candidates must be an expert in Adobe Creative Software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Fresco, esc) . Must be reliable, detailed oriented and preferred art style should be cute, colorful and child centered. If interested, please respond with your portfolio and be prepared to create a sample image of a african/black girl with fluffy hair. Please only create the sample if I respond to your application. If I do not respond it’s because I did not find your portfolio fitting for my request. Some examples of the art style I need: myuli://ruz.gzijvjbqn.wtx/gzzuxekivazh/ zttil://nhr.nqaizcymz.skf/rjapokyklxskrlscya/ ulqvu://qxt.cwlmcdwcs.lmq/vxnnifybhxcbjs wdiuw://lrh.ytluvdgiu.cgh/ppnoqumswvlsyu/ Each book project will encompass at least 2 to 3 months of your time. About me: I’m a freelance illustrator (designing for 15+ years) in USA who is receiving a lot of requests for children’s books. I can’t handle them all and is looking for assistant illustrators to help me get these jobs done. To show me that you’ve read this far, please start your message with: Today’s application is brought to you by {YOUR NAME HERE} and I use {NAME OF DESIGN PROGRAMS YOU USE} to create my drawings. Thank you for considering my request! SKILL SUMMARY Graphics & Multimedia Illustrator Photoshop Print Design

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