JOB OVERVIEW As an Inside Sales Rep at Clipboard Health (a Y combinator company from W2017), you will be responsible for contacting and selling our nursing services to nursing facilities, clinics, and hospitals within your geographic area (usually a US metropolitan area). You will do a lot of cold calls and outreach, finding and nurturing leads. But you will also figure out the right price, send and get contracts signed, maintain customer relationships, and upsell them over time (most of our clients buy more from us after they sign). If you are a strong communicator, creative thinker, energetically persistent, and have a knack for getting thing done, Clipboard Health is the place for you to do the best work of your career. Responsibilities: – Use a combination of phone calls, emails, Linkedin, and any other means to generate leads into skilled nursing facilities, elderly care, hospitals and close them with signed contracts. – Manage prospects from lead generation to qualified lead by articulating Clipboard Health’s unique value proposition. Following up with leads to ensure contract signing. – Measure top-of-funnel effectiveness and prepare statistics for weekly analysis – Generate net new opportunities via other channels such as webinars, company sponsored conferences/meetups, and more Requirements & Qualifications: – No experience necessary; we’re more interested in what you can do than what you’ve done. – Comfort and experience with cold calling and lead generation – Excellent telephone presence, communication skills, and creative thinking on your feet. How to Apply Our business is in every way a regular nurse staffing business, where we match nurses in our employee pool to specific shifts at specific locations and times that need to be filled for our facility clients (elderly care, hospitals, etc). Our value proposition is that we’re cheaper than any other service, while paying nurses the same, because of our operational efficiencies. Plus we have easy-to-use software facilities can use to list shifts they need filled and watch them get matched to nurses. Your job is to get staffing contracts signed with new facilities, usually by the Director of Nursing, in your geographic area of ownership (for example, a US city). To apply, please attach with your resume two short written responses to the two questions below: -Given the description of our business above, please write a call script to be followed during cold calls. You must include pre-planning responses to situations such as you get voicemail, the front desk person says the Director of Nursing is not available, and any other common objections or barriers you think might come up. -Please write a follow up email template you’d send after the call to try to get to signed contract. -Please send over a short ( 2 minutes) voice only recording of you doing the sales call via the script that you’ve written from above SKILL SUMMARY Marketing & Sales Sales Representative

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