Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the overall technical planning, research and develop of the company's business platform

2. Solve key technical issues and optimize overall system performance;

3. In charge of planning, controlling, supervising and management of project development processes, quality and project development progress;

4. Lead the technical team to establish and improve R & D specifications and processes, and complete the development goals formulated by the company

5. Build and constantly improve R& D technology


1. Must be a bachelor degree holder or higher, with more than 8 years of working experience in the IT industry, and more than 3 years of management experience

2. Must have a solid Java background, a strong understanding of the principles of the JVM, and good programming skills in Java IO, multithreading, networking, etc.

3. Must possess strong team management capabilities, project management capabilities, team training capabilities, and R & D team management experience of more than 50 people;

4. Must be knowledgeable in analysis and architecture design; must be able to understand common microservice solutions; must have participated in the core design of high performance, high concurrency, high availability, and high scalability systems

5. Must be knowledgebale with mysql, NoSQL: Hbase, redis, mongodb, elasticsearch, etc.

6, Must have initiative and critical thinking, strong communication and problem-solving skills


Fluent in Mandarin, any Nationals, willing to relocate in Manila Philippines

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