JK NETWORK SERVICES in Makati City Company Profile: It is a Lifestyle Management Company and the leading global provider of VIP related assistance. This company helps VIP and high-end guests to arrange tours, hotel bookings, theatre tickets, concert tickets, restaurant reservations, etc. They cater to unlimited customer request around the globe. Position: Japanese Speaking Concierge (Pioneer Account) Industry: High-End Client Request Management Type of Job: Customer Service for VIP and high end Clients Location: Makati City Schedule: Shifting Salary: P 45,000 to 65,000 Monthly (NET SALARY) Benefits: • Get discounted concert tickets Get discounted hotel bookings Pioneer account Dayshift/nighshift schedule One Day recruitment process Requirements: Filipino who can speak Japanese JLPT N1-N3 passer/level (Certificate not required) Degree and non-Degree Holders Has any type of Customer Service background such as: Hotel Concierge Hotel Reservation Customer Care / Customer Service Helpdesk from BPO or any Contact Center Preferred: Customer Service Account: Financial Willing to take calls and emails from VIP clients Handle different kind of customer requests Duties: Handle calls and emails from VIP customers Types of assistance provided by the company such as: Private membership Lifestyle Management Personal assistants VIP access to Oscars or tickets Security Services High Value goods procurements such as Jewelries RECRUITMENT PROCESS: 1) Initial Interview (Under HR) 2) Language assessment with Native Employee 3) Type Writing Exam (In English and Foreign language) 4) Final Interview with Hiring Manager – English RECRUITMENT PROCESS: Initial Interview Assessment Interview with Filipino Manager Client’s Interview with Japanese Job Offer Kindly submit your resume to Ms. Prelie through this email nippon.hire@gmail.com / japanesejobs@jp-network-e.com and you may contact us on 09369734028. You may also contact us to the following: Mobile: 0936 973 4186 Landline: (02) 8 932 0963 Skype: live:jknetworkjobs Line:j-k_jpteam J-K Network Services https://jknetwork-jobs.com/ FREE BILINGUAL CAREER CONSULTATION https://tinyurl.com/y8lwcykd Refer your friends and get a referral bonus once they get hired! https://tinyurl.com/yd4383ok Thank you so much! Apply Now! We would like to inform you that we have a lot of job openings right now! Kindly see the details below: 1. Japanese Accounts Payable – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019000793 2. Japanese Senior Operations Analyst – https://bit.ly/2LJLPOd 3. Japanese Coordinator – https://bit.ly/2W482us 4. Japanese Travel and Expense Analyst – https://bit.ly/330RVj7 5. Japanese Financial Language Specialist – https://bit.ly/2oLdXZf 6. Japanese Financial Reports Analyst – https://bit.ly/2Mw0lKw 7. Japanese Executive Secretary – https://bit.ly/2sEbZvg 8. Japanese Restaurant Supervisor – https://bit.ly/2XStDa4 9. Japanese Office Manager – https://bit.ly/2XgIIC1 10. Japanese HR Email Helpdesk – https://bit.ly/2WH0JJf 11. Japanese Executive Secretary – https://bit.ly/2B5APVR 12. Japanese HR Delivery Specialist – https://bit.ly/32orggB 13. Japanese Interpreter / Supervisor – https://bit.ly/2XEZLhf 14. Japanese Translator – https://bit.ly/33VYR23 15. Japanese Interpreter – https://bit.ly/2MupxB0 16. Japanese Interpreter/Translator – https://bit.ly/2BpK5nF 17. Japanese Translator / Bridge Systems Engineer – https://bit.ly/2MyTCzv 18. Japanese Sales Executive – https://bit.ly/2QZrZSw 19. Japanese Sales and Marketing Associate – https://bit.ly/2CeFvco 20. Japanese Sr. SEO Specialist – https://bit.ly/2p0M2Eu 21. Japanese Online Casino Dealer – https://bit.ly/33OCoUa 22. Japanese Marketing Executive – https://bit.ly/2o0gIoX 23. Japanese Online Casino Dealer – https://bit.ly/2BquJ2j 24. Japanese Speaking Customer Care Officer – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019000979&ref=index 25. Japanese Speaking Helpdesk for Bank Account – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001951&ref=index 26. Japanese VIP Concierge – https://bit.ly/2CLvVhw 27. Japanese Helpdesk Associate for Medical Devices – https://bit.ly/2Km5aV0 28. Japanese Customer Coordinator – https://bit.ly/2OLZR2x 29. Japanese Airline Account Associate – https://bit.ly/2ru7XVA 30. Japanese Consumer Coordinator – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001961&ref=index 31. Japanese Booking Specialist – https://bit.ly/2XQkoXN 32. Japanese Client Reservation Officer – https://bit.ly/34oS4hR 33. Japanese Email and Chat Support – https://bit.ly/37cJGng 34. Japanese Service Desk Agent – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=10&jobnum=2019001693 35. Japanese Quality Assurance Analyst – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=10&jobnum=2019001694 36. Japanese Quality Assurance Analyst – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=10&jobnum=2019001696 37. Japanese Team Leader – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=0&jobnum=2019001784 38. Japanese Team Leader – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001914&ref=index 39. Japanese Operation Supervisor – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&jobnum=2019001706 40. Japanese Service Delivery Manager – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&jobnum=2019001705 41. Japanese Service Desk Operations Manager – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&jobnum=2019001704 42. Japanese Skilled Programmer/Service Engineer – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001925&ref=index 43. Japanese Quality Assurance – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001910&ref=index 44. Japanese Senior Designer – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001909&ref=index 45. Japanese Service Desk Management – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001766&ref=index 46. Japanese IT Developer – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001767&ref=index 47. Japanese IT Staff – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=20&jobnum=2019001686 48. Japanese Software Tester – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&jobnum=2019001697 49. Japanese Technical Assistant – https://bit.ly/2W7chpc 50. Japanese IT Quality Assurance Engineer – https://bit.ly/31DkG4y 51. Japanese Bridge Engineer – https://bit.ly/2pEWRfy 52. Japanese Software Application Engineer – https://bit.ly/2o6FXpH 53. Japanese Sr Apps Systems Engineer – https://bit.ly/2pJ9SoR
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