JOB OVERVIEW Hey There! My Name is Lasse and I am currently running a start-up 🙂 Our Company provides reviews for companies. That could be google reviews, Trustpilot reviews etc. Your job would be to browse the internet and look for companies that struggle with their feedback score either on google or Trustpilot etc. Once some companies are found you put the company name and URL into an xcl sheet and cold call companies or write them an email, depending on what you prefer. Your mission will then be to redirect them to our website, where they would then schedule a call with us, to discuss more the client’s needs. What skills do you need? * — You should have experience in converting cold audiences via phone or Email. — You should have patience, since it may take a while to find a Client that will schedule a call with us. — Your English should be flawless, and you should know how to sell through emotions. In addition to that, you should sound mature on the phone / in your Email. Why choose us? * — Flexible hours & working days — Your salary is above average — No one will look over your shoulder during your work — We do not care about your past, because we care about shaping the future with you. Since this is a commission-based job we do not pay a fixed salary per hour. Why? We believe that if you are convinced that you are a great salesperson, you will even not look for an hourly paid job since you will always earn more in a commission-based job if you are good. ** There is a minimum of 75 Emails a week that have to be sent out. If you can not send out 75 emails a week, which takes around 15-20h, please do not apply. If you feel ready to apply please do it here: We will get back to you within 1-3 days. SKILL SUMMARY Marketing & Sales Lead Generation

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