JOB OVERVIEW Be one of our full-time Leasing Line Agent! Just answer calls from people who are interested to rent a property in the US. NO SELLING REQUIRED! Candidates must have the following: 1. Relevant experience working for a telco and/or financial account in a contact center and/or shared services environment. 2. Reliable internet – minimum 5mbps WIRED internet connection and back up internet 3. Must have a headset with noise-canceling feature 4. Computer with at least 4GB RAM 5. Noise-free work environment 6. Willingness to work on a graveyard shifting schedule 7. KEEN EYE FOR DETAILS HOW TO SEND APPLICATION: Step 1: Fill out this application form — mkha://vzqh.dn/nfqhmzfdugvdhrccf2352w9 Step 2: Choose Leasing Line Service VA as the work position Step 3: Wait for an email or text message for interview schedule. Step 4: Check and browse our website, pmd.wfcdugiyrvarjbwzund.hkz, to know more about our company. Please DO NOT fill out the “Request for Demo” form in our website. Doing so will automatically fail you from the recruitment process. SKILL SUMMARY

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