JOB OVERVIEW Looking for a Long term Home based job, You are in the right place! Needed Asap! We are Hiring Sales Representative for technical account Earn 25,000/month + bonuses Requirements: – must be at least 18 years old – at least 1 year of experience in BPO/Sales Representative – Technical Support Experience is a plus – has a excellent communication skills – has a work PC and a back up PC with a wired (LAN) internet connection – must have a back-up internet connection (LTE pocket wifi, modem, etc.) – willing to work on graveyard shift and on shifting schedules | 6 days a week – has a “can do” attitude and a strong drive to succeed HOW TO APPLY? If interested, please add genn_tsr on Skype and submit a 3 minute recording of you talking about your previous work experiences and responsibilities.Please use Speakpipe and send us the link ( Change your contact request message to “SalesRepapplicant” SKILL SUMMARY

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