JOB OVERVIEW We’re looking to start up a team for an SEO project. We’re looking for a Team Lead who can manage a team full of copywriters, link-builders, .. We don’t have previous experience for SEO specifically, but we do have sites that we’d like to have ranked as FAST as possible, meaning we’re looking for someone who’s specifically got experience with Blackhat SEO techniques. This will be a long-term ongoing project with many different websites. We’re looking for full-time employees. Key Features of this job: Activity and resource planning Organizing and motivating a project team Cost estimating and developing the budget Monitoring progress & reporting with updates Managing reports and necessary documentation – we can hire a new person for keeping statistics/reports Frequent, open communication with the project team members If you believe you’re a good fit for this job, let’s get in touch! SKILL SUMMARY Marketing & Sales SEO Project Management Marketing Project Management English Writing

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