JOB SUMMARY The Management Trainee – Branch Head assumes responsibilities required for promotion to management positions under the direction of the Operations Manager. Comprehensive training includes duties in several departments or positions such as the branch head, customer service representative, sales, and business management team. The Management Trainee is expected to learn necessary knowledge and skills set related to management positions and discuss strategy for improvement with the supervisor. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Oversee the operations of the branch. 2. Provide marketing strategies and proposal that can help the sales growth. 3. Manage the schedule of the staff in the branch. 4. Take charge of replacement for duty in case of staff absence. 5. Prepare monthly operating drivers. 6. Conduct monthly inventory of supplies following established company guidelines. 7. Prepare budget and liquidation of expenses of the branch. 8. Monitor staff performance and suggests interventions for performance improvement when necessary. 9. Verify filed overtime and vacation leave of staff prior to approval. 10. Verify/check the staff’s incentives. 11. Conduct KPI evaluation (monthly) and Performance Appraisal (biannually) for team members, provide feedback on the results and design measures for performance improvement. 12. Monitor the sales of the branch to ensure target revenue will be achieved. 13. Communicate with the doctors for any concerns. 14. Take charge of the customer complaints and find solutions on pressing issues. 15. Monitoring the consumption of raw materials of the branch. 16. Coordinate with Building, Facilities and Safety Officer for clinic concerns on physical set-up and equipment. 17. Comply to any call outs regarding Quality Standards. 18. Perform other job-related tasks as deemed necessary. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE 1. Economics 2. Sales and marketing 3. Knowledge in Excel/ SAP (inventory) 4. Knowledge in Nursing Basic Procedures/ Terminologies 5. Knowledge in inventory handling 6. Knowledge in medical supplies/ machines SKILLS 1. Customer Service skills 2. Analytical Skills 3. Problem Solving Skills ABILITIES 1. Ability to handle people (manpower) 2. Ability to handle irate patients in a calmly manner. 3. Ability to motivate people. EDUCATION, QUALIFICATION, CERTIFICATION, EXPERIENCE 1. Bachelor’s degree in any course 2. Minimum of 1 year management position or supervisory position in a healthcare setting.

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