JOB OVERVIEW Hi, I’m Arja I’m helping women to step into their sexual empowerment. I am looking for a part-time (possible future full-time) virtual assistant for approximately 20 hours/week to help me handle video editing, uploading and graphic design tasks. Having a mature and respectful attitude towards sexuality is a PRE, if not please do not respond! To describe the project in more detail, I would like your help with the following: Social Media Management Handle social media activity by creating, publishing, promoting and managing content across social media platforms. This includes managing my private FB group. Social Media Marketing Promoto my lead-magnets to grow my business, drive traffic to my FB groups, drive traffic from social media to my website. FB Ads You tube marketing Help me to get more exposure on youtube Set up Clickfunnels Develop SEO strategies to increase my business visibility in relevant search engine results pages. Transcriptions; convert audio & video material into SEO blog posts. Any business tasks that require my assistance, such as internet research, email management, data entry and general administrative tasks. The ideal applicant will have the skills/experience within the areas below: Proficient at English (spoken & written) Experienced in social media marketing & SEO Experience as a virtual assistant Fast learner Good time management skills I have BIG goals for 2020 and I’m looking for hardworking and proactive people to join my team long-term. You can learn more about me from my website and Instagram right here: Web site: Instagram: arja_hendrikx The hiring process will be initial questions (below), a set of a few follow up questions, and then an interview and possibly also a paid test project. Only serious applications please apply. If you are interested, please respond to the following questions: 1. Please tell me a bit about your work/employment history. Include your work experience in marketing, seo & social media management 2. What is your experience as a Virtual Assistant? 3. Why are you interested in this project? 4. What is your current workload/availability? 5. Name some of the books, podcasts, articles that made the most impact on you in the recent past? 6. Why should I hire YOU? Here’s your chance to sell yourself so don’t be shy 🙂 *** Please also record a video of yourself, explaining to me how you would escape from a tropical island if you were stranded PAY: TBD, this will depend on your level of skills & hours of work. If you are the selected applicant, we’ll do a trial period of 14 days and if we are both satisfied to continue afterwards. Please wait until I get back in touch with you. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you! Warmly, Arja SKILL SUMMARY Marketing & Sales Social Media Marketing YouTube Marketing SEO

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