The Materials Supply Planner orchestrates the overall supply plan per assigned category for imported and local raw and packaging materials, by planning and ordering the material requirements. Maintains the desired levels of inventory in order to support production plans with the right quantity and at the right time.


  • Define materials planning rules, goals and strategies
    • Maintain the correct master data in the system for each material, such as EOQ, safety stocks, replenishment lead times, shipping mode, etc… for both imported and local materials.
    • Provides warehouse operations the monthly requirement for warehouse space analysis for both imported and local materials to come up with the allocated space per commodity specification.
    • Educates the plant logistics on the special handling requirements as may be specified by Technology, QA, procurement, or supplier.
    • Maintains the inventory days supply for each material per location that will support the production plans.
    • Engages in the conceptualization, planning stages and phases every time there are new products for launching.
  • Generate Materials Plan
    • Reviews material status reports, alerts, pending orders, and validates with procurement/import the timing of arrivals at the local port.
    • Generates MRP based on the Bill of Materials explosion derived from the finished goods forecast per default production location.
    • Prepares Purchase Requests in SAP-ECC for local materials per default production location.
    • Converts MRP to PO for imported materials.
    • Audits the production usage from time to time to ensure inventory consumption is based on updated and reliable quantities.
  • Order Management
    • Consolidates material requirements.
    • Generates volume for contract loading.
    • Purchases order processing.
    • Facilitates order processing documents (Proforma, Approved PO, Info Sheet, Import Permit).
  • Delivery and Payment Fulfilment
    • Allocates incoming shipments per plant.
    • Payment monitoring
    • Provides document needed for releasing from the port.
    • Review, closing and cancellation of open purchase orders.
  • Supplier Coordination
    • Review and align supplier delivery performance versus target.
  • Review and Resolve Exceptions
    • Reviews the dependent demand signals and patterns that causes variability on the safety stocks established per material.
    • Identifies and escalate possible constraints or bottlenecks, such as; supplier’s capacity and capability, internal storage space, etc…
    • Communicates to procurement or to key suppliers during bi-monthly collaborative reviews and planning routines.
    • Recommends final MRP, inventory days level and initiate possible interplant transfers to meet the overall production plans.
    • Review monthly critical reports.
  • Planning Evaluation and Improvement
    • Reduce variability in material supply by establishing root-causes of continuity failures and adjusting master data accordingly.
    • Reviews KPIs and metrics such as, production compliance to plans, to ensure the material plan is performing to desired company targets.
    • Monitors the on-time supplier deliveries and cycle times.
    • Monitors actual material usage versus plans.
  • Inventory Days Supply Optimization
    • Plans imported and local materials inventory levels based on criticality and seasonality of the materials.
    • Orchestrates the inventory of imported and local materials with Economic Order Quantities or during procurement hedging.
    • Reviews and evaluates ageing inventories per plant vs. usage. Suggests possible transfer to other plants.
  • Administrative Functions
    • Refers to the routine / daily activities that supports the achievement of the key areas – e.g. submits monthly, report, encodes, etc.
    • Reviews and adjusts the assigned Category Supply Outlook including Monthly Critical materials.
    • Reviews Top 30 materials with Stock-outs / Ageing materials.
    • Reviews the Weekly and Monthly Production Schedules.
    • Monitors inventory days supply and pending deliveries per plant.
    • Monitors critical materials for both raw materials and packaging materials.


  • A Bachelor in Science graduate preferably of Industrial Engineering, or any four-year course with Supply Chain related or Linear Programming subjects.
  • With at least one (1) year of experience in the same nature of work or equivalent field of expertise under the SAP environment.
  • At least one (1) year exposure to Inbound and Outbound Logistics Operations and Distribution.
  • With experience in Materials Module and Inventory Management in an SAP environment.
  • Familiarity with MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, SAP ECC, SAP MRP, SAP WMS, and other optimization tools.
  • Ability to propose system enhancements based on business need and to translate conceptual framework of business models into workable algorithms.
  • Customer Focus; Actively collaborates with the cross functional group to support company order fill rate goals, volume and value targets to generate high service level and satisfaction.
  • Understands the business process involved from materials requirements planning (MRP), Inventory Planning (IP), Deployment Planning (DepP), and Demand Planning (DP).
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