JOB OVERVIEW Hello, We are a start-up business named EAZYBIZNES and we are in need of motion designers /2D animators who are experienced in creating explainer videos using After Effects and are able to create animations like this: lyfri://lqpdm.ylh/aldkBqUiunS0XgXI4 sukyl://skc.inogzwh.kzr/mqmvl?a=nlXTifFBA6z&l=3k oqxdx://wze.hzwupjp.ajc/mgwvm?c=9n6XzzHnQE6 napsi://opc.eyrfius.oro/btlpl?i=O4qbbuROvh2 ewvga://uygct.yr/knTDyiOHW9x This job is a long-term opportunity. My work has taught me, that every personality trait comes with good aspects and bad ones. Most employers think they want someone that is patient, reliable, spontaneous, structured, independent, smart, punctual, flexible, etc. – not understanding that a lot of these are exclusive. Some people are spontaneous and flexible – others are structured and punctual – nobody is both. The job is full-time (around 4o hours a week) and works like this: – I will be giving you scripts and voice-over and you’d come up with an animation Requirements: – fast and efficient – strictly follows deadlines – Experienced with video creation/animation (as a hobby is fine, too!) – High-Quality Videos – Great creativity – Excellent English A PLUS IF – You have skills as a graphic artist using such as Illustrator and Photoshop – knows how to create a storyboard NOT REQUIRED: – Degree – Reviews/recommendation Write subject as ANIMATOR PRO or fill up the form xaspp://oxwst.szu/mxapQzGbmzE4ItSE7 SKILL SUMMARY Graphics & Multimedia Animation Specialist Graphics Editing Illustrator

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