JOB OVERVIEW I am looking to hire an individual that has experience in cold calling and works fast. I have a script ready for you if you need it. If you have your own that you’re comfortable with, that’s okay with me. The thing I would need help with is making phone calls and setting up appointments. I have a new digital marketing agency (fnpqhxxnyl.iyw) and I am currently giving away $100 in advertisements and free professional photography services in exchange for a testimony (no credit card information needed). I also have results from one business that can be provided to the potential client if need be. With the above information, it should be easier than your average cold call since I’m providing a lot of value upfront. I don’t check my inbox on this website often, so hjgprzk or Skype messages work best for me. Text – 641-930-4347 Skype – VictorNguyens or NiisvdyJukz@yjooh.cxm Hope to talk to you soon! -Victor SKILL SUMMARY English Tutoring Teaching Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Appointment Setter Data Entry

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