JOB OVERVIEW Our company works in a field of online promotions. One of the factors that make our clients sites to be more visible in Google are usability factors. The more clients stay and click on the site – the better Google rankings are. In order this SEO technique to work we need to hire everal people to perform these actions: 1) submit some search requests in Google 2) find our customer site 3) click few pages there. That’s all. Whole chain takes from 3 to 6 minutes. And task can be considered as done. Our worker sends us screenshots of every page that he will face during the task (5-10 screenshots) and after we see what task is done we send payment. To trusted workers who complete tasks on daily basis we are ready to prepay salary in advance. Right now we need few HR helpers who can help us to hire real people to perform easy operations: – We will pay you for running Facebook ads that will help you to find these people for us (facebook ads, advertising in different local groups with several members) – Plus we wil pay you for hiring them on Freelance sites (upwork, and so on) As for our salary with you: we will be paying you flat rate PLUS bonus for some preset number of candidates that will agree to work with us. As you can see the task is very easy and any person who worked as Virtual assistant can help us. Waiting for your resume and suggestions. Our project is long term and we are ready to offer good rates to people who can really help us. SKILL SUMMARY

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