1. Witness all civil works related construction requirements and testing activities to be done by the vendor and accredited testing agencies in accordance with specified parameters and requirements as indicated on Globe’s OSP Design and Standards Handbook. 1.1 Concrete Testing – for manhole/handhole, basepad and concrete slab protection 1.2 Rebar Testing – for manhole/handhole, basepad and concrete slab protection 1.3 Manhole/Handhole or service box Concrete Pouring and launching (prefab or cast-in-place) 1.4 Basepad Construction (Concrete Pouring) 2. All testing under 1.1 and 1.2 shall be performed on duly accredited testing centers/agencies/laboratories only 3. Samples for item 1.1 and 1.2 that will be subject to testing shall be in accordance to the required number of specimen per batch as stated on Globe’s OSP standards 4. All results of testing 1.1 and 1.2 shall meet the required parameters as stated on Globe’s OSP standards handbook. Any “FAIL” on any criteria shall be subject to replacement and/rectification of the affected batch. 5. Shall ensure compliance of the vendors in the performance of all items herein stated in accordance with the correct sampling, testing process and PASS/FAIL criteria as set forth on the established standards and guidelines. 6. For item 1.3 and 1.4, shall enforce correct placement of the MH/HH or Basepad based on the AFI location. Team shall not proceed if there are major deviations from the AFI Plan and construction details reference Globe standards. 7. Shall accomplish and record all activities stated on item 01 and shall provide Globe with a report on the outcome of the activities. The “ACTIVITY REPORT – OSP Civil Works” report template shall l be provided by Globe. These shall contain, but not limited to: 7.1 “DOER” Detail (Name, designation, etc.) 7.2 Project Details 7.3 Activity Description (i.e Testing or Concrete Pouring) 7.4 Activity Details (When, Where, Who, Batch) 7.5 Pictures with Description 7.6 Assessment on Testing/Construction Process compliance (including safety compliance) 7.7 Testing Results (Results, PASS or FAIL remarks, action needed to be done) 7.8 Endorsement to Globe for item acceptance or rejection. 2.0 Cable Integration Activities 1. Attend, witness and enforce correct & accurate execution of all OSP integration activities as stated on an approved Method of Procedure (MOP) to be issued by Globe. 1.1 Knockdown (KDT) 1.2 Cutover / Insertion 2. With reference to the MOP, shall ensure vendors’ compliance to execute step-by-step procedure with corresponding timestamp by the vendor WHILE in close and real-time coordination with identified Globe NOC. There will be no deviation to ANY of the step as indicated on the MOP. Any deviation shall be coordinated real-time to identified Engineering leads for guidance and instruction. 3. Shall check completeness of the vendors tools, equipment, support items, testing equipment and back-up items before the start of the activity. All these shall be indicated on the MOP. Likewise, shall ensure prior to the start of the activity completeness all relevant permits (including RAAWA) are on hand. Any lacking permits shall be the basis to call off the activity based on importance and criticality to the objective (i.e. no RAAWA for test points etc.) 4. Shall enforce and practice safety during the conduct of execution as this is being done on Globe’s live network. Any risk (controlled or uncontrolled) posed to the Globe network during the conduct of the integration activity shall be basis to ABORT. 5. Shall seek NOC clearance at every activity milestone to ensure no impact has or is being done to Globe’s live network. Likewise, clearance shall be sought from Globe’s NOC after the activity. 6. Along with the vendor shall perform testing after activity to ensure that the target objective or connectivity have been met. If time does not permit, the testing shall be done at the soonest instance possible. 7. Shall issue Globe an Activity Report after the said activity indicating if the activity was a SUCCESS, FAIL, or ABORTED. Template of the report shall be provided by Globe. 8. In the event that there is an unfortunate incident leading to network impact, shall issue an incident report (IR) to Globe detailing what transpired from start to finish and the root cause of the incident. Such IR shall be duly signed and affirmed by his/her team lead and issued officially to Globe for further handling. IR template shall be provided by Globe. 9. A completion report now inclusive of the test results and other parameters shall be prepared and issued to Globe. This will include FTP, OPM, OTDR, Detailed Mapping, pictures, among others. A checklist and template shall be provided by Globe. Job Function / Expertise / Department Industry Years of Work Experience 1 – 3 Years Position Level Job Type Full Time Work Hours Day shift Educational Attainment Bachelor’s Degree Preferred field of Study Computer or Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics Engineering Employee benefits Laptop HMO Coverage SSS Philhealth 13th month Preferred Candidate Interpersonal / Soft Skills Technical / Hard Skills

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