JK NETWORK SERVICES in Taguig Company Profile: Accounting Business that create a greater effective world that expert in Financial and banking systems, products and services. Position: Japanese Senior Designer Industry: Accounting Firm Location: Taguig Schedule: Dayshift Salary: P50,000-P90,000 Benefits: Health Insurance Dental and Vision Insurance Paid Vacation Leave Benefits Performance Bonus Employee Assistance Program Gym membership Requirements: Filipino who can speak Japanese JLPT N1-N3 Passer Graduate of IT Related course or design Open for Undergraduate with good background With experience in graphic designing and layouting Knowledgeable in MS Office -Powerpoint,excel, word; Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Responsibilities: Meet with clients or the art director to determine the scope of a project Advise clients on strategies to reach a particular audience Determine the message the design should portray Create images that identify a product or convey a message Developing graphics for product illustrations, logos, and websites Select colors, images, text style, and layout Present the design to clients or the art director Incorporate changes recommended by the clients into the final design Review designs for errors before printing or publishing them Recruitment Process: Initial Interview -Director’s Interview from Japanese and English Job offer Kindly submit your resume to Ms. Prelie through this email nippon.hire@gmail.com / japanesejobs@jp-network-e.com and you may contact us on 09369734028. You may also contact us to the following: Mobile: 0936 973 4186 Landline: (02) 8 932 0963 Skype: live:jknetworkjobs Line:j-k_jpteam J-K Network Services https://jknetwork-jobs.com/ FREE BILINGUAL CAREER CONSULTATION https://tinyurl.com/y8lwcykd Refer your friends and get a referral bonus once they get hired! https://tinyurl.com/yd4383ok Thank you so much! Apply Now! We would like to inform you that we have a lot of job openings right now! Kindly see the details below: 1. Japanese Accounts Payable – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019000793 2. Japanese Senior Operations Analyst – https://bit.ly/2LJLPOd 3. Japanese Coordinator – https://bit.ly/2W482us 4. Japanese Travel and Expense Analyst – https://bit.ly/330RVj7 5. Japanese Financial Language Specialist – https://bit.ly/2oLdXZf 6. Japanese Financial Reports Analyst – https://bit.ly/2Mw0lKw 7. Japanese Executive Secretary – https://bit.ly/2sEbZvg 8. Japanese Restaurant Supervisor – https://bit.ly/2XStDa4 9. Japanese Office Manager – https://bit.ly/2XgIIC1 10. Japanese HR Email Helpdesk – https://bit.ly/2WH0JJf 11. Japanese Executive Secretary – https://bit.ly/2B5APVR 12. Japanese HR Delivery Specialist – https://bit.ly/32orggB 13. Japanese Interpreter / Supervisor – https://bit.ly/2XEZLhf 14. Japanese Translator – https://bit.ly/33VYR23 15. Japanese Interpreter – https://bit.ly/2MupxB0 16. Japanese Interpreter/Translator – https://bit.ly/2BpK5nF 17. Japanese Translator / Bridge Systems Engineer – https://bit.ly/2MyTCzv 18. Japanese Sales Executive – https://bit.ly/2QZrZSw 19. Japanese Sales and Marketing Associate – https://bit.ly/2CeFvco 20. Japanese Sr. SEO Specialist – https://bit.ly/2p0M2Eu 21. Japanese Online Casino Dealer – https://bit.ly/33OCoUa 22. Japanese Marketing Executive – https://bit.ly/2o0gIoX 23. Japanese Online Casino Dealer – https://bit.ly/2BquJ2j 24. Japanese Speaking Customer Care Officer – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019000979&ref=index 25. Japanese Speaking Helpdesk for Bank Account – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001951&ref=index 26. Japanese VIP Concierge – https://bit.ly/2CLvVhw 27. Japanese Helpdesk Associate for Medical Devices – https://bit.ly/2Km5aV0 28. Japanese Customer Coordinator – https://bit.ly/2OLZR2x 29. Japanese Airline Account Associate – https://bit.ly/2ru7XVA 30. Japanese Consumer Coordinator – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001961&ref=index 31. Japanese Booking Specialist – https://bit.ly/2XQkoXN 32. Japanese Client Reservation Officer – https://bit.ly/34oS4hR 33. Japanese Email and Chat Support – https://bit.ly/37cJGng 34. Japanese Service Desk Agent – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=10&jobnum=2019001693 35. Japanese Quality Assurance Analyst – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=10&jobnum=2019001694 36. Japanese Quality Assurance Analyst – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=10&jobnum=2019001696 37. Japanese Team Leader – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=0&jobnum=2019001784 38. Japanese Team Leader – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001914&ref=index 39. Japanese Operation Supervisor – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&jobnum=2019001706 40. Japanese Service Delivery Manager – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&jobnum=2019001705 41. Japanese Service Desk Operations Manager – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&jobnum=2019001704 42. Japanese Skilled Programmer/Service Engineer – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001925&ref=index 43. Japanese Quality Assurance – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001910&ref=index 44. Japanese Senior Designer – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001909&ref=index 45. Japanese Service Desk Management – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001766&ref=index 46. Japanese IT Developer – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?q=&a=search&jobnum=2019001767&ref=index 47. Japanese IT Staff – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&p=20&jobnum=2019001686 48. Japanese Software Tester – https://jknetwork-jobs.com/search?la=&l=&q=japanese&jobnum=2019001697 49. Japanese Technical Assistant – https://bit.ly/2W7chpc 50. Japanese IT Quality Assurance Engineer – https://bit.ly/31DkG4y 51. Japanese Bridge Engineer – https://bit.ly/2pEWRfy 52. Japanese Software Application Engineer – https://bit.ly/2o6FXpH 53. Japanese Sr Apps Systems Engineer – https://bit.ly/2pJ9SoR
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