JOB OVERVIEW Hello! We are looking for someone to take over the photos and graphics in instagram stories and for the feed 1. You will edit the photos we take and make them pop for the feed using the same preset (lightroom of photoshop) 2. You will make our stories for instagram and Snapchat – These stories will be fun and inspiring and also have words on them you will craft for our brands and clients. 3. You will post them to instagram and Snapchat Daily. (we have a software for Instagram you can post in advance) 4. You also need to be able to write captions! Fun interesting captions for under the photo for the instagram feed. So you need to be a designer / writer who can entice the audience with fun words to go along with the photo! We need someone full time 40 hours a week for 5 days a week with a flexible schedule as long as your work is done Salary is 15,000 PHP per month with paid holidays and 13th month bonus Please apply by emailing us with subject “superstar instagrammer” all other applications will be ignored unless you email. Please also give us a link or an attachment of how we can see your work – a before and after edited photo or something. And craft a nice application because we need to know you can write captions! So if you can give us a little example – 1- 2 sentences is fine! Thanks so much! SKILL SUMMARY Graphics & Multimedia Photoshop Writing Copywriting
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