JOB OVERVIEW Hi! Interested in hiring a Virtual Assistant for my company start-up Velocity Videos. What we are seeking: Someone who can be a virtual sales assistant (Part-time) Requirements desired: 1. Friendly, positive demeanor. 2. Prompt, great communicator that constantly keeps us updated. 3. Meticulous, attention to details. 4. Driven, focused person who can get things done under time constraints. 5. Follow-up expertise. 6. Marketing experience in writing copy and creating e-mails. 7. Ability to have access to computer and high-speed internet and available over the phone. 8. Ability to type and write e-mails and use gmail and programs quickly. 9. Staying organized and following up with all clients. 10. Ability to be passionate about our products and see what is in it for our clients. We need someone who can: 1. Follow up and create catchy follow up e-mails to all prospects 2. Send a sequence of follow up e-mails to everyone in our database and prospects. 3. Create Systems of Reminders/ Calling/ Sequence of E-mails 4. Has Mastery of PipeDrive CRM 5. Mastery of English to send E-mail communications and reminders/ Scheduling 5. Use Pipedrive system and organize all our contacts for use in our sales. 7. Send a sequence of e-mails/ follow ups to customers and AUTOMATE 7. Research upcoming events, networking groups, functions for us to attend. 8. Make appointments for us at Expos for selling our products. 9. Tracking our leads and results and reporting those back to us. 10. Create and work our budgets if possible 11. Overall handle all the details of our projects and make sure things don’t fall through the cracks. 12. Be a personal assistant and answer calls as needed. 13. Willling to have daily de-briefs and meetings to make sure we are all on the same page on project. Send the following: 1. Resume 2. Your phone number and e-mail. 3. When you can start work! We will be interviewing this coming week and look to start someone very quickly! Have a great day! Sean SKILL SUMMARY Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Data Entry Customer Service & Admin Support Email Support Professional Services Real Estate Services

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