JOB OVERVIEW Product Hunter 1/ Searching products which fulfilled the following criteria (ll provide you training video once engagement is accepted) 2/ Fill in the excel that i have sent you 3/ Sent me for review (at least 10-15 items), i ll check for each product, if all the criteria are meet, it is a qualified product, if not, i ll give u feedback 4/ The more products you hunt, the more you get 5/ Please mark the file “C-Content_[yr surename]” Content Builder 1/ Write content for qualified products, include at least one video/gif in the content 2/ At least 3-4 paragraph 3/ Here are some guidelines on how to write content: – Who is this product for? – What are the product’s basic details? – Where would someone use this product? – When should someone use the product? – Why is this product useful or better than its competitors? – How does the product work? SKILL SUMMARY Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant) Research Writing Creative Writing

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