JOB OVERVIEW We are AIC (Art Intelligence Corporation) An immensely quick growing company that is revolutionizing and replacing the entire education system to make it all available online to anyone, anywhere, and for much cheaper and better than any current education option available in the world. About AIC (The company you could be working for): About me (The CEO): The Job Offer: The BEST BENEFITS AVAILABLE ANYWHERE including paid vacation retreats, for an Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing Administrator! You will be doing a variety of tasks mostly related to Paid Advertising and marketing as well as E-mail Marketing, E-mail List Management, And some VA assistant tasks. We are looking for a (40 hours or more per week) Full-Time, Passionate, Dedicated, Experienced Administrator For one of our Internet Marketing/ Advertising teams. If you also have passion, dedication, and experience with Video editing/graphics editing and creation as well It would move you to the top of the list, please note that in the application if you do! -Please thoroughly read the following in detail and pay attention to link contents to understand Everything about the Job, Benefits, and how to apply to the job correctly- Job Requirements: 1: You will be required to speak and write fluent and clear English; there are no exceptions to this. 2: You must be able to be on time for set hours and schedules, they will be listed, and you will be notified 1-2 weeks before your scheduled work times. 3: You Must Have Provable experience with Facebook advertisements running successful paid campaigns 4: You Must Have Provable experience with YouTube advertisements running successful paid campaigns 5: You Must Have Provable experience with E-mail Marketing and E-mail list management 6: Must Have The ability to teach, manage, and be an administrator to teach others. Experience on this is A bonus but not required (Please state if you do or do not have experience with this). Pay: Your Starting pay Ranges from 320 – 480$ USD Per Month (2$-3$ USD Per Hour) Plus Many Benefits and bonuses and goes up from there depending on performance, position, and how long you have been working for the company. Starting pay will also depend on your level of skill and other people that apply to the job, and we will discuss this on the video chat during the interview and in the pre-interview process. Job Bonuses, Perks, and Benefits list: Device Requirements (All are REQUIRED): 1. PC or laptop (at least Windows 7, Intel Core i3, and 6GB Ram or better) 2. Has a stable DSL / Broadband / Fiber Internet connection with 12 Mbps Download and 6 Mbps Upload or higher 3. Clear webcam suitable for video calls and making guides or tutorials for other members or people (this is a possibility in the future as you get a higher position in the company) 4. Have a reliable workstation with a stable power supply and internet connection all the time and backup way to get internet in case an issue or outage arises in your area. To Apply: (Must follow exactly or you will not receive a reply) Personality and Lifestyle mentality traits list: Extra skills list: To Apply for the job: 1. Send us a message with the following subject name: “I Want to Work for You [The name of the CEO, found linked in this post] – BEST BENEFITS AVAILABLE for an experienced Video and Graphics Editor and creator Administrator!” 2. Follow the link below, Fill out that template (linked from our website) and answer all of the questions we ask in that template, be sure to use the template and fill out correctly and fill out the subject name as stated in #1, We read ALL posts and reply to them if they follow these instructions. 3. When filling out your template, please rate each of your listed skills from 1-5 (one being the worst and 5 being Best). In each rating section, you are limited to three 5-star ratings and three 4-star ratings. 4. Please send us a message following the instructions and wait for a reply, all responses are within 24 hours or less! Make sure to follow all the steps above. This is a great job opportunity with the ability to get bonuses and raises, so I will only look at applicants that really want the job. After sending us a message or e-mailing us with your application, please wait for a reply and respond as soon as possible when we message you. We will reply to all messages and applications that FULLY READ and FOLLOW guidelines in this post. All interviews will be done through a slack video conference call. You MUST have a webcam to apply. Thank you for taking the time to read in detail, the entire post, have a great day, and we look forward to hopefully having you as our new team member! SKILL SUMMARY Advertising Facebook Ads Youtube Ads Marketing & Sales Email Marketing

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