1. Inspect Life and safety equipment including FDAS and FPS in accordance with building reports.

2. Inspect Life and safety equipment to insure facility proceeds in accordance with approved building permit.

3. Identify and report problems in every device or equipment that requires attention.

4. Conducts preventive maintenance in accordance with the proper frequency of each device

5. Conducts proper testing of devices to ensure the proper function of each devices

6. Guide Technician under his/her team to conduct all activities on a proper and a safe manner.

7. Clearly notifies facility of code violations with written compliance report at the time of inspection. Follows up to verify correction of violations are made and takes appropriate actions to ensure compliance.



1. Ability to read and interpret construction plans.

2. Ability to detect hazards and violations and recommend corrective measures during field inspection work.

3. Ability to enforce regulations with firmness, consistency, tact and courtesy in fiend inspection work.

4. Ability to communicate verbally and in writing.

5. Must be a Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering

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